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I'm hoping not to get flamed here as you can see i'm a gopher fan. but I'm a college hockey fan first, and a gopher fan second.

My dad and stepmom live in grand forks (stepmom is a und alum) and have been asking me questions about season tickets as they know i'm a huge college hockey fan. I wasn't sure where to send them so I figured i'd come to the place where i'm assuming alot of people are season tix holders to get some starter info. I have a few questions for you.

If one was to be interested in season tickets (obviously for next year?) where would one go. I told them probably start at the ticket office at the ralph and see where that would take them.

and also

what kind of coin are we talking for a season ticket? I realize there are many factors in determining price, but they would be fine with back row upper deck if they had to. They are looking at 2 tickets of course. do you have to buy both friday and saturday tickets? or can you split them up?

Thanks in advance for helping a goofer fan out.

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This is my understanding of the process... others can help correct this info and/or fill in the blanks.

In order to have the opportunity to purchase season tickets, fans are required to donate to a scholarship fund formerly called the Fighting Sioux Club - I think it's called the Champions Club now.

The minimum amount (Century Club) is $120; in order to get tickets in some sections, it can run into the thousands of dollars (Directors Club 3k, Emerald Club 6k, Diamond Club 12k).

Joining the Century Club for $120 per year allows fans to purchase up to two season tickets at $390 a piece. So the minimum amount for two season tickets would be $900.

The larger giving levels allow the purchase of more than two seats and include parking passes and other perks.

If they are fans of other UND sports, that one Champions Club donation covers them for all sports; in other words, they could also purchase football and/or basketball season tickets at "face value" without any other donation requirement.

The best thing to do is get them on the list in the ticket office along with a note about the largest donation they would be willing to make; this will help the ticket office as seats become available. I don't believe fans can purchase Friday only or Saturday only season tickets.

This map may help find the right section and giving level for them: link

I hope this helps.


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Dave covers things pretty well. Here are a couple of points of contact:

Season Tickets

Regular price $390

North Dakota Men's Hockey season tickets require a Champions Club membership. Find out more information about the Champions Club contact Josh Morton, executive director of the Fighting Sioux Club, at 701-777-4216.

To get on the Waiting List for Season Tickets contact Dexter Albrecht, Director of Ticket Sales & Promotions at 701-777-4582, or e-mail at dexter.k.albrecht@athletics.und.edu.

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Here is what I have learned in the process: There is currently a waiting list that requires a $100 deposit that they will hold until you get tickets (or I suppose tell them you want off the waiting list). If you give a donation, you are not guaranteed tickets and you do not get your donation back if you do not receive tickets, but as other have said, you can use your donation to acquire other tickets . Receiving tickets all depends on renewal rates for existing ticket holders and priority points. The more money you give, the more points you get, the better chance you have at tickets, but again, donating money does not guarantee the opportunity to purchase tickets. Josh Morton has been very helpful in answering any questions I have had short of what the minimum donation would be to guarantee tickets, but this is a moving target so it would be tough to say anyway.

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