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-Just like they do in baseball for strikeouts, each time one of the three gets a point, tape a dollar bill onto a posterboard with their names listed and a picture of the Monopoly guy. (hopefully it would be filled by games end)

-Each time they score a goal or get a point, take out a paper bill and wave it in the air. (especially when they announce the point getters over the P.A.)

-tape dollar bills along the glass where it meets the boards. (Don't let the refs think this is a bribe for them.)

Any other ideas...

The Money Line will be ready tonight! Big Sioux victory, 5-2!

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It's not like that. You must not be keeping up with the posts on naming the line. People want to call them the money line because they are money to score when we need a goal and because those players should be making big cash someday in the NHL, among other reasons. It's not meant to poke fun at Bochenski.

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If we started calling them the counterfit line, now that might cause some problems. I guess I could see how the money line name might be setting up opposing fans, such as the gopher faithful to turn this name into a negative thing. I still think it is better than naming the line after one player. It was neat at the bar last night when Bochenski scored his goal, a few Sioux fans rubbed their fingers together to signal money, which was neat to see it was catching on.

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