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Refs for SCSU series


Who do you think will officiate this weekend?  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you think will officiate this weekend?

    • 1. Derek Sheperd
    • 2. Don Adam
    • 3. Mason
    • 4. R. Schmidt
    • 5. Anderson
    • 6. Campion
    • 7. M Schmitt
    • 8. SFiP
    • 9. Schmittdoggydog
    • 10. Other

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Except for the fact that I skate on my ankles and cannot get myself to go backwards, I would gladly ref if only to hear all the trash talking on the ice, specifically, what Greene and Prpich chirp about during the course of the game.

btw, until Campion does something to change my mind, I believe he is perhaps the best ref in league. Then again, I thought Schmitt was pretty solid until this past weekend, but he was definitely not at the top of his game.

RW77, thanks for putting my name in lights - I am honored :silly:

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Haha, very funny, RW77. I'd probably get ejected by the WCHA Commish in the 1st period for unbalanced, extremely partial officiating :silly:

They should require that refs watch videotapes of all games they officiate so they can see some of the nonsensical calls/non-calls they make in an attempt to improve the quality of the game. Geez, everyone should be held accountable in their professions & refs are no different; I'm sick & tired of refs screwing us--even when we win. A good example: A WAC officiating crew had some kind of suspensions levied against them a short while ago for some horrendous calls they made in a football game. Rant over, at least it's better than committing road rage... ???

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You'd get ejected? Partial reffing rowards the Sioux. I don't remember that ever being the case with the Sioux when I've been watching.

Hey, I thought of something really cool for the Ralph music dude to do. When the opponent gets a penalty and the Captain or some player from that team goes and talks with the ref, the Ralph should pipe in "Get Over It" by Ok Go :silly:

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