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I bet your information is news to Massen. Maybe he should stop going to the arena every day for therpy for a groin pull.

Heard he pulled it several weeks ago and tried to play Friday of the Yale series and made it worse. How could he have bad performance if he hasn't played since Oct 31?? Think about it??!!

Hope he is well by this weekend and back in the line up.

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My understanding is Massen was a healthy scratch this weekend.

Massen can score goals but he only knows how to skate downhill. He can't skate backwards, doesn't forecheck well, and at times reminds me of Vanek floating around the rink.

I've seen Massen play hard and to his potential probably twice in the last two years. I was hoping he had worked on his skating, his conditioning and intensity but if the coaches aren't playing him obviously not.

My guess is that James Massen will be given his chances in practice and may replace a Cannady or someone who is hurt this year but in general will not be someone we can count on.


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After watching the team this weekend, who would he replace. They all had a lot of energy at both ends of the ice. Be nice to have another goal scorer, but he'll have to show energy at both ends of the ice to break into this lineup (maybe he has in the past, I've not seen enough Sioux hockey to judge his past performances).

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If healthy, I hope Massen is in the lineup this weekend - he has been a Huskie killer in the past. In four games against St. Cloud last year Massen had 3 goals and 4 assists!

Of the three goals, two were game winners including the overtime winner Saturday night in St. Cloud and his rocket slapshot from the top of the circle over Moreland's glove side shoulder led UND to a 4-3 win in GF.

IMHO, his slapshot past Moreland last year was one of the best and most exciting goals that has been scored in the REA's short history.

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Massen Scored 15 goals and 20 assists last year. He's only played in couple of games this year, not enough to be benched for "lack of performance". I find it very hard to believe Blais would bench a player like that. Especially one that could be considered a power play specialist - I'd rather see ZP playing the point and having Massen camped out in front of the net. No offense to Genoway - he has a good shot, but he doesn't move the puck from the point.

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