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Karl is back!


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I was looking at WCHA online and saw the picture of Karl. Did he play this last weekend? :D

WCHA has the most updated site for college hockey, I love it. I went to the Wild game last night vs. Calgary and neither Roche or Commodore played, but Leopold did and he looked good. It is great to see so many NHL teams picking up college players rather than finding them in other countries. I don't see how New Hampshire can back out of a tournement just because some players are suspended. They are probably just afraid of being defeated and want to retain that #1 ranking.

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I wonder what the polls will look like after they take last place in their tourney?

It is not a tournament in the traditional sense, rather a showcase in Buffalo, NY. It is the same showcase UND played in last year.

Considering UNH plays Canisius the first game, even if it was a tournament, I don't think they would have to be overly concerned about finishing last even though they will be shorthanded.

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