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Can anyone tell me when the new epsiode of Sioux Illustrated TV will be brodcast on the Midconninent Channel?

I just saw an old version at seven when they previewed the Sioux vs BC series. Sweeny is the host so is this the REA spinoff of the Sioux Football Show or Sioux BBAll Show?

Also, why has there never been a Sioux Hockey Show before?

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151 People can view this Post, but no one has the answer? Come On I thought you guys were smart?

if i anserz yur kwshchen, is i smart?

I heard that Blais doesn't want to do a hockey show because it takes too much time away from his scouting trips.

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I predict that the new episode with play over the midcontinent channel two days after the Yale game. I love previewing a game that has already been played. I wish they would get some balls and do a show to compete with the Gopher Pride on Ice show. Come on WDAZ!!

Unless they hire Happy to write their propoganda, I'm not sure this hockey show would be able to keep up the volume of hot air coming from the Pride on Ice show to truly compete :)

However, if the hire siouxrock/Happy, a few more from USCHO, and worked real hard, they might be able to keep things afloat :)

Maybe they'll snatch PCM and the news can come right from this board right to the tv. :)

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