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Today I had the honor of attending the UND women's hockey game vs. Connecticut. It was a good game, however, I just point out that the REA ticket people had their heads up their rearends.

They now have students go to the ticket booths to get paper tickets to enter the game. I thought about that beforeheand and went to the ticket booth in the Union and the fellow there said go to the gate they take care of you there. Well, maybe they need to change it back to last season, where they just scan your ID and in you go. What a fiasco!

Lines 15-20 people back from the 3 (of 6) ticket windows that were open each. WOW. Big disorganization.

What? Can it get any worse you say? Why yes! I thought you'd never ask! We get our tickets (my friend and I) and lo and behold, it won't scan! So we have to get back in the damned ticket office lines! I nearly left then and there. What BS. If they want student support then I think they should be at least more aware of what gets the butts in the seats. And no, I'm not being holier than thou. General public were being screwed over with the same problem! All they'd do is shrug and say I'm sorry. What crap.

I enjoyed the game though, despite there wasn't really anyone yelling.

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Oh, I have nothing against women's hockey. Nothing at all. I enjoyed /the game/. It was getting inside that was the problem. I just don't think women's hockey is getting the billing that men's is and, therefore, has a hard time establishing itself.

Also, if they made bodychecking legal, it may improve the games. Like it or not, the physicalness of hockey is one of the main attractions to the sport. Women's hockey isn't really physical. There are some bumps and jolts, but any serious physical contact will get you sent to the box. I guess I don't really know how to alleviate this issue. I'm not sure it would be wise to have it be as rough at the women's game as at the men's. Not that the women can't handle it, just that it may cause a lot more damage than just physical injury.


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No disrespect towards women's hockey & their fans, but women's athletics will never have the same interest level as their Y-gene counterparts, imo. You can market the hell out of it & 95% (at least) of fans will want to see the men instead. Maybe in a matriarchal-run socialist state where we were forced, but not under the present circumstances. Why drive in a Beetle when you can glide in a Rolls?

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Stromberg should go back to swimming! Red Wing 77 I feel your pain. I am a season ticket holder in most of UND's sports (THE BIG ONE's) I had a ticket from my football tickets for FREE addmission to a women's hockey game. I too waited my turn in line and was told I need a ticket! The one from my football package

was no good! NO where on the Football ticket does it say REDEEM at ticket window!

Not a happy camper for the $$$ I spend at UND and REA I would think a little more tact would go along way!

Players of the game. Jessica #11 is my favorite play followed by Liz #17 these two gals are ready for every shift!

Sat. Need to work on passing and stay out of the box.(Kleven gave UConn their goal) Not being a "homer" but the pool is not at the REA..

Sun.Yikes if Coach Rivard wasn't happy with their play Sat. Oh my God! :D

(Dean)=Stairs in the arena!

(Shantel)=Laps around the lobby?

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