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Question for the software astute

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Ok this is probably not the forum for this but I need some advice. I am looking to buy some sort of anti pop up software for my PC. I now have cable modem and the pop ups are driving me nuts. Any suggestions?

Alos I know that there is software taht gets rid of your tracks (cookies and more) from surfing on the net. I am hoping to find an all in one package. They all look the same to me.

Any advice and all comments welcome.

I need this to stop since it interupts webcasting :D:huh:;)

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Since I like the google search engine and use it often to search the net, I've installed the google tool bar http://toolbar.google.com

It has a built in pop up blocker that works well.

For ad cookies and such, spybot search and destroy. http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file_desc...id,22262,00.asp

Also, use IE's advanced privacy settings for blocking, allowing, or prompting for cookies.

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Go to panicware.com and download the free edition of Pop-Up Stopper. There are also pay versions that erase cookies, etc. You might also look at free Ad-Aware from Lavasoft to knockout spyware that cookies and pop-ups often leave. Personally, I think it does a better job than SpyBot.

Frankly, you can erase your cookies, history and cache on your own, if you're trying to keep your internet activities private from a spouse, SO, etc. However, as Scott McNeely of Sun noted, there is no privacy in cyberspace and a savvy person could still find out where you've been. If you want to conceal your surfing at work, monitoring software of various types that many places use probably can't be circumvented and you probably shouldn't do anything to endanger your job anyway. :huh::D

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If you have a cable modem, you should have some type of software firewall running. I use Norton Internet Security, which includes pop-up ad blocking. For good measure, I also use the pop-up ad blocking feature on the Google tool bar.

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thanks for the advice I will give the google toolbar a shot. It is actually the pop ups I am worried about and I was under the impression soem hidden cookies or something was causing a lot of them. I know how to clear my memory, cache and cookies (so I dont have much to hide :D ) its the pop ups that make me want to go computer rage on my PC

I have black ice installed as a firewall for my modem but maybe some settign is off or something?

I have norton Internet security but I quit using it because It didnt seem to work. Is there a specific setting on that as well or something?

Thanks again


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Go to panicware.com and download the free edition of Pop-Up Stopper.

I used this until google added it to the toobar. Works well also, and is freeware. Used ad-aware also, but don't like so many apps running in the systray, so I changed.

ZoneAlarm is a good software firewall.

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