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Blais signed through 2007


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That's great! I really think that UND should do with Dean-o what Duke did with Coack K. They gave him the carte blanche so to speak. Basically, Coach K's contract lasts "As long as Coach K wants to coach at Duke." Coach K works at a big time basketball school, same thing as Dean at a hockey school. He should stay until he dies of natural causes. ;)

As for an NHL offer, I did hear that he was being considered some time back for the Minnesota coaching job.. then as an Assistant coach for them (Wild, not gophers), but that was nixed and Jacque took over. As for now, I haven't heard anything about him even looking to the NHL, but with Dean's record, one cannot say that he hasn't given it some thought. Teams with coaches with less credentials have made it very far in the NHL as of late (Can anyone say Anaheim? Their coach coached for some no name college out west for a while as well as a junior team and then some time in I think a major junior club before jumping NHL) However, if I were Dean's advisor, which I'm not nor will I ever be, I would say "Stay with the Sioux" but if that doesn't pan out, I'd say "Choose the NHL team wisely." A first coaching gig in the NHL is rough. It's helpful when starting out to have a good team to coach coming in. I'd say (if their coaching positions were open that is) I'd coach St. Louis, Carolina, Calgary, Washington, or maybe Phoenix. I'd say Minnesota, but only a fool (or the Detroit Pistons) would fire a successful coach at the professional level at this point.

To sum up: Deano stays as long as he wants. But if he does go NHL, choose wisely if he can. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it... maybe

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