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No. It would be a massacre and boring to watch.

And this would be different than watching UND playing Manitoba how?

I mean, at least NJIT has beaten a (crappy but still) D1 team!

Personally, what I'd like to see is to invite the DIII National Champion every year to play in the exhibition opener.

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Sioux fans,

NJIT has a "club" hockey team. They were 2-16 playing other clubs last year--I assume the team from Union College was just a club team from the school. No one here in New Jersey can figure out why NJIT is going Division 1 in sports. THeir basketball "arena" holds only 1,000 spectators. NJIT is a public college in downtown Newark and is overwhelmingly a commuter school. The state hardly gives Rutgers any money(we are near the bottom in public funding among the 50 states and room.board,and tuition is around $22,000 for the upcoming year). The general public and state have little interest in starting a brand new Division 1 sports program at NJIT. The only way I see this working out for NJIT is if the owner of the Devils practically lets the basketball team play for free at the nearby Prudential Center(home of the New Jersey Devils and New Jersey Ironmen). Their website is www.njithighlanders.com.

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