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Wild Exhibition Game?


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Yeah...the next time the Wild beat the Avs, it could be at The Ralph :huh:

Sorry, I had to do it :D ...That was one of the best games I've ever seen. The Avs scared me a couple times there.

The initial level of being p*$$ed off is over and now I'm just hoping to see the Wild go all the way. It was a great series. One of these days the Avs are going to learn how to put away a team when they've got that team on the ropes...and won't that be fun to watch. ;)

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I definitely thought the Avs owned the game last night but the Wild made the best of their chances and it was just enough. Fernandez for Hobey!

Could the Wild be any worse at clearing the puck out of their zone than they were last night? They dodged many a bullet. And don't get me started on Sekeras. ooooooof. Murphy or Roche should have a place next year.

I think the whole Avs team quit on Brunette's goal. Just swiping at the puck, no playing the body. No one worked through the Avs zone like that the whole game...

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Dagies...I must say I noticed the Wild's clearing difficulties too. Fernandez bailed them out a few times. I think Alaska cleared their zone better than the Wild did last night :ohmy: . Hopefully this trend won't last and they do a much better job at clearing the puck against Vancouver.

Dare I say it....FERNANDEZ FOR VEZINA!!!!

...if it doesn't go to JS Giguere first :)

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