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Individual Scoring Objectives


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If you measured hockey performance like a business quantifies performance for each employee, you might establish individual objectives for goal-scoring for each of your players. You would set the objective at a level that was obtainable, but not easy to reach. You would not expect all the players to reach their objectives, so the sum of all the players' objectives would be more than you would expect the team to score. Given that framework, this is where I would set each player's goal-scoring objective for next year:

Bochenski - 35 - Tougher nonconference schedule would make this a better year than last

Parise - 30 - This may be a bit low, but the schedule is tougher

Murray - 20 - Maybe a stretch for a freshman

Lundbohm - 20 - Senior who's gotten better every year

Massen - 20 - Expect improvement to continue at the same pace

Stafford - 15 - Maybe a stretch for someone I've never seen play

McMahon - 15 - Maybe a little low

Prpich - 15 - Maybe a little low for someone who was playing really well at the end

Hale - 10 - A reach based on past results but he should manage this as a senior

Fylling - 10

Canady - 5

Connelly - 5

Genoway - 5

Palmiscno - 5

Porter - 5

Fabian - 5

In the fourth-line pool, I would not expect all those guys to score 5 goals. In fact, some of them I think may score about zero. However, if I was really trying to motivate them, I think I would have a minimum objective for each of 10 goals, however unrealistic it may be. So I guess here I may have compromised a bit between these two competing influences.

If I was budgeting the defensemen, I would probably have Schneider and Fuher at 10 each, with the rest at 5 each, which would be a real stretch for some.

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Although maybe a bit high, it does seem fairly legitimate to me since Bochenski and Parise had 60 between themselves...and that was with Parise cooling off greatly the last half of the season. If everyone kicks into gear next season and can possibly sustain that level (I realize that this is asking a lot but I believe the point of this thread is to put forward some extreme goals and some wonderful what-ifs.), there is no reason to beleive that the #1 line couldn't score 85 goals.

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