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  1. 2 tickets in section 116 Row L for sale.
  2. I have 1 ticket for Friday night for sale. Section 315. $200
  3. I have 1 ticket for Saturday's West Regional hockey game for sale. Section 104 Club Row.
  4. I might have 2 available. I am waiting to here from REA on when we will be given the actual tickets.
  5. We are flying into St. Pete-Clearwater Airport but staying in downtown Tampa. What is the best option for transportation to our hotel?
  6. It only allows standard mail delivery in 10-14 days so that won't work......
  7. Does anyone know if there will be tickets available at the box office in Tampa or will scalpers have tickets outside the arena? I am trying to find 4 tickets.
  8. I just talked to someone at the Ralph. They said they charged my credit card for the Thursday game. If we win they will automatically charge my credit card again and I will get tickets for Saturday. They told me if we lose, I will NOT be able to get a ticket for Saturday through UND. They said the NCAA changed the way they are doing tickets this year for participating schools. This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I am going to Boston to watch hockey and now I don't have the choice to go to the Championship game unless my team wins...makes no sense
  9. I bought tickets for the regional and was given tickets to all 3 games. When the Ralph called me about Frozen Four tickets I was told that the NCAA only sent UND tickets for Thursday's game. I had to buy the ticket package which is for all 3 games but I am only being given a ticket to Thursday's game. They told me if UND wins Thursday I will for sure get a ticket for Saturday's game. They said if UND loses I will NOT be guaranteed a ticket for Saturday's game. This means I am paying for the package of all 3 games but I am only being given 1 ticket for Thursday's game for sure. This is what does not make any sense. I am going to Boston and I better be getting all 3 tickets I paid for.
  10. What's the deal with the tickets through UND. They called me and said I am not guaranteed Saturday's game unless we win but I had to pay for the ticket "package" which makes no sense to me.
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