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  1. Heard today that FD will not be traveling to Baylor, but will be dressing for NDSU on Saturday.
  2. So, who is still in the hunt to host, or does Sacramento have it locked up?
  3. Iowa State 25-15 Second Set
  4. So, with our history of lackluster performances on the road, how are you feeling about playoffs? We seem to have a bit of a renewed spark, I hope they can keep it rolling into playoffs!
  5. I thought that they looked really good yesterday, there were some really tough digs and they always seemed to keep coming up with them. The volleys just kept on and on, such an exciting match to watch.
  6. I felt like that match they had the most energy, were working together, looked pretty solid all around. Still would like to see them more aggressive with kills, we spend a lot of time dinking it over when we should be crashing the floor with it. We have the strength and the numbers, if they are digging it up they should be feeling the pain.
  7. They have to find a way to keep the energy up, seems like they finally get it, and then it just completely falls away. Pryor needs to find a way to light that fire, or the girls have to do that for themselves. The talent is there, no doubt, it is just getting them together as a cohesive group, they seem to be walking on the floor completely defeated before they start. Shaking up the lineup in the last set was interesting, but I don't know that is going to motivate them. They need to be built up, they seem like they are afraid the way it is, got to find a way to come together as a TEAM.
  8. Anyone know what the forecast is for Northern Arizona, how do we matchup? I hope we can bring the energy right off the bat. Seems like once they start to show some emotion, get excited, everyone plays looser and things go well. Crowd needs to be ready to go from serve one. They really seem to feed off of a crowd getting into the match.
  9. Heard some rumbling that even with a superior record, UND isn't allowed to host playoffs, any truth to that?
  10. Was at the match on Saturday, what a nail biter! Lately, it seems like we are coming out flat, like we have to drop the first set to get warmed up. It was interesting to see how they fed off of the energy of the crowd. Hoping we can continue to do well on the road with MT matches this week. Anyone know what they are looking like this year, and how we matchup?
  11. UND vs. Iowa game about to begin, just doing lineups.
  12. I saw that too, Dooley needs 25 more total blocks to crack into the top 10 all-time leaders. Had a double-double this match. Everyone played really solidly this match. Pioske 10 kills Husfeldt with 39 assists Robinson with 19 digs Zietek with 8 kills Hart had 24 digs. Overall very well played!
  13. Heard rumor that Thompson quit to play basketball. Looks like she is no longer on the VB roster.
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