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  1. I am having so much fun following the Sioux this season...wish I was able to watch it on Direct TV but enjoy a the updates on the message boards. And from the highlights I have seen it looks like they get after it.
  2. That was a great video, thanks for posting it. For us newer Sioux Fans, it's fun to see what we have missed.
  3. Any way Goon or someone else could post a link with video of Olson stepping in after Caggiula got laid out?
  4. Anyone know who they are targeting on the blue line for next year. Assuming Schmaltz goes to the NHL, they add Chartrand and Evers. Shaw is an option.... Kierstad is a few years away. But they will need to add a third to go with Chartrand and Evers.
  5. The format for college hockey is ridiculous. Leave it to the NCAA to have a format with so few practices before the first official game. Only sport in the NCAA I can think of where there is less then 2 weeks of practice and the period where you have 20 hours for the week before your first game. There is a reason Notre Dame, Providence, Western Michigan, Miami, Wisconsin and UND all lost their first game. All I'm saying is I still have hope that we will avoid the "slow start" with the experience of this team and I want to see Sioux Hockey now as oppose to after the break when they put it into gear and make a push. Nick Schmaltz is fun to watch.....and we need some guys that play on the edge and play some "old time hockey" and I think Chyzyk and Olson could be those guys on the forward unit... They need to be in the line up from a physicality stand point.
  6. I think Drake Cagguila is the wild card this year. We need a break out year from him. Similar to Corban Knight when he became a upper classmen.
  7. Will nchc subscribers be able to access the games archived in case you're not able to watch time live?
  8. There will be no addition of any sports at any schools until the NCAA finalizes what men's and women's basketball and football players get in addition to their current scholarships. Major D1 schools are already dealing with the additional cost of the unlimited meals that is now available to all student athletes for schools that can afford it. Too much uncertainty on future costs of scholarships for programs to add more.
  9. I think Rhett Gardner is gonna be a good one. Does he come next year or play one more year of juniors? Maybe in the BC League?
  10. First time poster....I really hope Sioux Hockey ends up back on Direct TV. That is the only way to spread the brand, you look at other sports and teams and its all about revenue and getting seen and being visible. The only reason I am a Sioux Hockey fan is because I stumbled upon a game on Direct TV randomly in 2011. I have no allegiance to the area or ties to UND, but I love Sioux Hockey and have been hooked ever since I saw my first game. Sioux Hockey won't expand until they get back on satellite tv so I hope that happens soon and Faison gets control of the situation and gets Sioux Hockey back on tv constantly like it was a few years ago.
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