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  1. We have two tickets for each night. Section 105 row D. We shoot twice at that end of the ice. Unbelievable seats, we never miss a game. We will be at Mayo that week, somethings are more important than hockey. Feb 19th & 20th. $100 per ticket.
  2. I have two tickets for both the 19th & 20th, lower bowl. Section 105 row D,at the end we shoot twice at. Asking $100 per ticket. These seat are unbelievable. We will we at Mayo that weekend.
  3. I knew this would flush out a hidden gopher lover!!!
  4. And what are you trying to say? That the Gopher fans are just like that and we should sit back and not say anything?
  5. I saw this online @ Crookstontimes.com it is exactly how the Gopher fans are acting. http://www.crookstontimes.com/sports/x2128841858/Opinion-Dear-Gopher-fans By Derek Martin, Sports Editor Crookston Daily Times CROOKSTON, Minn. — "Sioux suck" or, as some clever folks like to put it, "Sue suck," is not an intelligent statement for many reasons. It's like a six-year-old being pushed around by the school bully and coming back with "you're stupid." It doesn't really hurt the bully's feelings. Besides, if anyone should be telling the Sioux they are inferior it's Minnesota Duluth, who is the reigning national champion. Not fans of a team who went 13-10-5 last season and were bounced from the postseason in the first round of the WCHA Playoffs by a team called the Seawolves. That “sucks.” Doesn't it? Sioux fans don't know much about that since their squad has been to the Frozen Four five of the last seven seasons. Plus, as I pointed out in my WCHA Weekly blog, North Dakota is 8-4-3 against Minnesota in the last 15 meetings. Now, I know all you Gopher fans are geared up for this weekend's series and all the Sioux fans are too but just because your team is off to a 7-1 start doesn't give you the right to tell the Sioux they “suck.” Minnesota did sweep Minnesota Duluth on the road this season, but that is the only team it has beaten with a winning record. Gopher fans should be excited but until your squad beats a quality opponent you should stay as quiet as you were during the last few years when your team was losing. Nobody blames you for getting excited about the start to your team's season, especially since they haven't even made the NCAA Tournament the last three seasons. With that long of a drought I would find a way to cheer about anything too. But tone down the Sioux bashing until after your team has swept them. That's right, this Sioux fan, right here, thinks the Gophers will sweep the Sioux this weekend. My reasoning is that the Sioux were recently shut out by St. Cloud State freshman goaltender Ryan Faragher with 44 saves. North Dakota is struggling offensively and defensively, scoring 2.75 goals per game and allowing 3.5 goals per game. You won't hear "Gophers suck" from me because, right now, my team is struggling. The Sioux will need to score more than three goals if they are going to beat the Gophers and that will be difficult against a very good goalie in Kent Patterson. So, the Gophers will sweep the Sioux and fans of the Maroon and Gold will hold bragging rights. But with those bragging rights come taunts from Sioux fans such as, "Holy Cross, Holy Cross, Holy Cross."
  6. I couldn't get the Bulldogs radio to work? Link to the Union radio http://www.teamline.cc/free_listen?teamcode=1160&eventcode=25&status=PFU
  7. Will Fridays game be on Dish Network? Not that is would make any diff to me as I have midco net, someone at work was wondering.
  8. Gophers were #1 in recruiting last year as well, where did it get them (Holy Cross) Who do you suppose is doing the rankings. INCH is run by gohper fans. DA
  9. Hey this is OUR message board and we can cry all we want. Go back to Pried off the Ice. If you want to give Junior Congrats go to Dogs on Ice.
  10. Must be one with a GPA of 1.0 or lower
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