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  1. mmichaels

    St. Cloud State at North Dakota (January 25 & 26)

    Was in St. Cloud last weekend and caught the Friday game against Western. St. Cloud is sneaky fast, on another level from past years (sadly, reminds me of what we looked like a few years ago). If our goal tending is great and defense is locked in, we have a chance. But they are going to score one or two, and we seem to be goal challenged, so I don't feel good. Loss 3-1 tonight.
  2. mmichaels


    Sound down, Hennessy on. I can live with a DVR delay...
  3. mmichaels

    NCAA TV Schedules/Options

    FSN North picked up the first round coverage 2 and 3 years ago that was on delay. If you have Dish or Direct, quite often some of the other regional sport networks pick up the coverage (last year it was MASN). I think ESPN does the syndication to WCHA teams (especially UND and MN) because they know they can make some syndication bucks... FSN North doesn't have anything local scheduled when the Sioux play...they have the Wild at 5:30 so FSN+ for the Gophers IF they pick it up...</p>
  4. mmichaels

    Looking forward to Wisconsin match up

    Like last year, both games are on Wisconsin Public Television...delayed, starting at 10 p.m., and replayed the following day at 1 p.m. http://www.wpt.org/sports/index.cfm WPT streams their Wisconsin channel at this link...you can watch the games here if you do not mind waiting until 10 p.m. -- http://www.wpt.org/w...annel/index.cfm
  5. Still trying to find one ticket for the Thursday games or 2 for the whole series. Thanks!
  6. You have a ticket available?
  7. Looking for 1 ticket for the semi finals or 2 tickets for the whole weekend. Thanks!
  8. mmichaels


    If you have Mediacom in Iowa/Missouri, etc....Friday's game is listed to be on Mediacom 22. According to the folks there, they get the games that Charter sends -- so only one of the two match-ups are available to MC22 each night. They are sending UND/SCSU tonight, and UMD/Mankato tomorrow...or at least that is what the listings say....