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  1. I had to logout and login again to get it to work
  2. Question on Shore's penalty. I'm not buying the NCAA response. Clearly no penalty was called during play as denver mKes several passes without stoppage. If Denver scores do they take it away upon review of the hit?
  3. Credit Yale w another terrible pass on pp
  4. Brutal period thus far. Lucky for a few bad passes by Yale or it is tied or worse.
  5. I agree. Cannot give up so many when Yale on the pp
  6. You need to get a damn good dose of common sense and reality to recognize facts in this world. NCAA has ALL the trump cards in this fiasco. UND must lose the name to have any chance at ever getting it back. The simple fact is that the two tribes were sitting on their damned asses while this played out way back when. I am deeply sorry that they did but cannot change history. It wasn't a priority for them at the time. Maybe things have changed now, I and the rest of the common sense "SIOUX" supporters have recognized that UND MUST let the name be retired officially until the Spirit Lake vs. NCAA is settled in court. Let Spirit Lake have ownership of the logo and hopefully a long shot win in court with NCAA. If they don't win the game is completely over. Just remember that when it counted most in the eyes of the NCAA the two tribes were MIA. Simple facts, NCAA rules and the monopoly that it is....They have a pretty much insurmountable lead with less than 2 minutes to go. If SL wins, have a $ contract with UND to rent the name and logo to ensure the $ (incentive) is there to ensure this crazy issue NEVER comes back with changing leadership at SL.
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