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  1. I'm out of the loop on how the protocol is working for the tourney, why was UMASS able to play when Michigan and Notre Dame had to forfeit?
  2. UMASS absolutely dominated the bulldogs in OT.
  3. Glad the refs got it right.
  4. That didn't look like interference to me.
  5. St. Cloud has been playing great since Brodzinki got injured.
  6. Now a delay to "fix" the goal moorings.
  7. From the replays, legs are not supposed to move that way.
  8. Brodzinki looks like his season is over. That hit looked painful.
  9. 0-0 halfway through the first, BC going on the PP
  10. Who cares about the ice? Both teams have to play on it.
  11. Anything is possible this year with covid!
  12. I think I could handle gopher fans gloating a lot easier than Duluth fans bragging about winning 3 in a row.
  13. Disappointing end to the season, but I still enjoyed watching this team.
  14. Well at least they literally left it all out on the ice tonight. Good season and thank you seniors!
  15. Was that the guy the announcer asked if he had ever scored a hat trick before?
  16. Think we see Thome now? Scheel looks good still, but who knows.
  17. Puck on top of the net, soooooo close!
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dSqoH2RzIM Hopefully Berry is playing this for the team in the locker room to fire them up.
  19. They probably have the IV bags full of it in the locker room.
  20. Both teams were gassed there. I think for Duluth the adrenaline surge before the goal was waved off messed them up.
  21. Nice hit to the head there...
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