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  1. I predict a National Tournament showing and then drinking some choke in the regional.
  2. A direct link I think is a bit much. There are a health number of USA Hockey Officials that are also NCAA officials in a variety of leagues.
  3. The wide open game you talk about is in the WCHA. The issue is in the play in the WCHA. The WCHA still likes the clutch-and-grab style of hockey. Every league follows the NCAA Rulebook. Why is it that people across hockey don't like the WCHA officials? 1 reason people don't like them (especially when it comes to NCAA Tournament time is because they allow more physical play than do other league's officials. In my mind that is allowing a more wide open game. However more teams like the clutch-and-grab style in the WCHA. That to me is more a coaching issue. Part of the reason for the parity in the WCHA, UAA was better this past year, Gophers have struggled, UNO, and Bemidji are strong teams. Sure the races are closer but is that the officials or just a sign of expansion and teams becoming more competitive?
  4. You're telling me you missed all those wonderful conversations about the great WCHA officiating? Damn! I would assume though that some of the WCHA/CCHA officials would jump to the NCHC or Big Ten depending on the needs of those conferences. However, that is a topic for future years. Let the great deabte about officiating begin as we drop the puck in about 30 days.
  5. Anyone miss me? Best Referees in the WCHA this year will be: (in order from top to bottom) Jon Campion Matt Ulwelling Todd Anderson Derek Shepherd Brad Shepherd Marco Hunt Brian Thul C.J. Beaurline Bill Mason Butch Mousseaux Jonathan Morrison Tim Walsh Max Battimo Peter Friesma Don Adam Mike McCreary Scott Bokal Justin Brown Tom Sterns Craig Welker Paul Depuydt Brett Klosowski
  6. Listing of names Sioux fans are thinking: Greg Shepherd Derek Shepherd Brad Shepherd Todd Anderson Don Adam Jon Campion Marco Hunt Bruce McLeod Miss anyone? Nickname supporter? Al Carlson, wants to rename the Ralph Engelstad Arena, the Al Carlson Arena? Hopefully they can fix the damage to the arena with the least amount of lost revenue from events.
  7. If I had to point to why Frattin didn't get the award I would say #1 is why. I think his lawnmower tossing incident is something that weighed heavily against him. I respectfully disagree that there was a lot of Frattin hatred. He was a good player. Congrats to Andy Miele on his Hobey Baker Award!
  8. I hope people are sitting down when they read my prediction.......I think the Sioux will win against Michigan.
  9. A Sioux bashing thread? Apparently I haven't been here in a few days......anything good? I know everyone missed me.
  10. The West/Midwest side of the bracket is probably the toughest. West I see Boston College coming out of there. Midwest I think Denver will come out of the region just cause Denver is on an upswing and took it to UND in the Championship. Probably another OT or 2OT affair in the region. The East and Northeast regions could be a really tough pick. Midwest and West side winner probably takes the Championship. East region winner makes it to the Championship.
  11. Just because I am a fan of the league doesn't mean that I have to have a specific rooting interest for a specific team does it? Can't I just be a fan of the WCHA without having to have an affiliation or am wrong?
  12. Just figured I would ask since everyone assumes I am an NCAA Official.
  13. If I am asked to ref the Sioux games this weekend should I say Yes or No?
  14. Early question......Which conferences officiating is going to complained about this weekend since WCHA officials won't be officiating the Sioux game?
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