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  1. Our player rotations off the bench aren't the best. Leads have tended to evaporate, momentum lost, or deficits increased, when we have 3 freshman on the floor at the same time. The freshman are good players, with the right mix, but with them playing together against some of the competition level the Sioux have been facing has not been good. If it all is a plan to have them improve before the Great West Conference schedule, we will have to see.
  2. Jenny Crouse ACCIDENTALLY falling in our laps helps a great deal there Mr. Expert. I will cool it though. I appreciate you speaking your mind as I have.
  3. Gee, going for broke at the end of a game DOES work once in awhile! Even if you don't play good. Novel idea! Wonder if the other coaching staffs were there watching???
  4. I am still having a hard time understanding our end of the game substitution patterns, and have been confused more than just this year. I know it's nice to lose only by 12 points, but shouldn't we at some point go for broke? Maybe we come back, maybe we lose by 5, or maybe we lose by 20. What's the difference? If we throw it into our post and they look opposite, I think we could get an open 3 anytime we want, only when we are down at the end of course. And what is wrong with subbing offense and defense at the end of games to try win it? I don't believe in moral victories.
  5. Here's hoping the the Sioux Ladies have a fast start tonight offensively, and can hold down the Razorbacks enough to gain some much needed confidence. GO SIOUX!
  6. A 60% shooter is hard to ignore, but I know how perimeter players think, and on this team they may be thinking: If I don't make this shot, will I get pulled because I was supposed to get it inside. I have played with great post players myself, and until the coach told me to just take the shot when I was open and not worry about who else is open, then I shot much better. It's a GREAT problem to have: an All-American post player, but if we are going to compete at this level, we need to be hitting on ALL cylinders and not just having Kimbrough getting her 20 plus per game. I did not watch the Toledo game, so thanks to ND Ball for sharing. Sounds like the Razorbacks are going to be very tough! GO SIOUX!
  7. The perimeter shooting woes the last few years, IMO, has a lot to do with having great post players, which is a good problem to have. I think the strategy of the team is to get the ball inside. If this is the case, when they catch the ball, they are not thinking about pulling the trigger, they are looking inside. Then, sometimes, Kimbrough or Ledger isn't open, and the perimeter player is open, so it is a second thought, and they miss. Some players have to be told that they have the green light to shoot ANYTIME they are open no matter how much time is on the shot clock so they relax more and they don't think so much. We held Toledo in the 40's with 10 minutes to go. That is pretty good defense against a D1 school with some tradition. Our offense on the other hand had only scored in the 20's or 30's. I know we had a lot of turnovers, but how many were committed trying to thread the needle, or reverse the ball to get it inside. Kimbrough is an All-American and she is going to do well as is Ledger, but just think how much more dangerous they would be if our perimeter players would relax and do what we have seen them do in the past so many times. When we ran that play when Youngblut shoots the 3, she does well on it because she knows before hand that she gets to shoot it, so she relaxes and strokes it. It's frustrating sometimes, so I can't imagine how frustrating it is for the players.
  8. I agree with spineguy. My message was not very well written. I meant for JUCO's to come in and fill in some gaps. My intention was not that our ladies would get cut and lose their scholarship. Although, maybe some of the players will choose not to return on their own like some have in the past. A signicant season doesn't always result in a championship. Our ladies are trying to enjoy their careers and I guess we should respect that. I still had fun when I played, even in games we lost. The journey for this team is going to be significantly different because of the transition to D1, and remember, these girls had NOTHING to say about it.
  9. Could very well happen. Might have to get some JUCO's.
  10. I agree, and I also agree with Coach Roebuck that sometimes you have to have girls in there that will take the ball to the basket if the opponent is in your hip pocket. I'm not sure I would play zone with a minute to go and down 9. I would pickup full and possibly foul, and try hit some threes. Subbing offense and defense at the end made sense, even if we couldn't hit the broadside of a barn, at least you show them that you still have faith in them. We have started so slow offensively in most of the games we have lost that the hole gets too big. We have to be able to score consistently because D1 teams can score.
  11. I sit right behind Roebuck most games and he is constantly hollering at the perimeter players to move the ball, so I don't think it is crazy. He must be seeing something also.
  12. Good win for the ladies! Nice to see everyone play. Getting back to my earlier comments, our perimeter players again struggled at times to share the ball with each other. I know Baggason has struggled to start the season, but there are times that she is wide open and Guinn and Youngblut miss her, and she looks frustrated. That frustration leads to anxiousness and rushing, both not good for a shooter. On the flip side, Guinn and Youngblut shot well but got the ball in rhythm for many of their shots. The good old Sioux perimeter ball movement ain't what it used to be for some reason. The "extra pass" has always been a thing of beauty to watch. Maybe I am just over-analyzing the situation, but it seems real to me as a former player. Go get'em in Toledo girls!
  13. This should not be close. JC will most likely play zone and cover up Kimbrough and Ledger. Our perimeter players will have to knock down some shots. IMO, Youngblut, Baggason, Guinn, and Seay need to move the ball better when the middle is covered. I have only seen a couple of games, one via the internet, and we suck on the ball too long at the top looking inside. I know Guinn makes a lot of threes and gets a lot of assists to our posts, but I believe she could get even more assists finding Youngblut and Baggason quicker when they are open and then they might not be so anxious before they get the ball. Skip passing the ball seems to be something they need to improve on watching the Eastern Michigan game. Youngblut never skip passed the ball, Guinn maybe once, and Baggason and Seay a couple of times. Station to station passing sometimes is a neccesity, but skipping it causes BIG problems. If we learn to quickly find them when they are open, I think our perimeter shooting will get more consistent if we can't get the ball inside. Should be a fun game to watch. I hope everyone comes out to support the ladies! GO SIOUX!
  14. I agree about the offense. We are going to need multiple sets to throw at teams. Passing and screening away and waiting for Kimbrough to get open will not work against the good teams. Then the perimeter players end up taking a bad shot at the end of the shot clock and we go long stretches without scoring. Take the open shot when it is there if it is a shot you can make because D1 defenses might not let you have it back. As for Roebuck, not going into the huddle during some of the timeouts at Green Bay is riduculous! If the team is giving 100% and they are getting beat, then you are beat. But the effort is a life skill, and if we are giving it, that is all you can ask for some games.
  15. It is always fun to watch Gene give up if things aren't going well. Video showed him just sitting there and basically pouting. Hopefully the girls are not taking the brunt of this because most of them came here thinking they would remain in DII. And yes, I agree with BleedGreen, we are going to have to get more creative offensively facing good defensive teams. It looked like in the first 5 minutes that they absolutely HAD TO get the ball inside, they defended it well, and our rhythm was off on the perimeter from there on. Of course, in the radio interview, it was ALL the girls' fault.
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