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  1. sioux/bufan

    NORTH DAKOTA @ Union - SATURDAY Gameday

    We were at the game last night. I can't say enough how great and gracious the Union fans were to us. Everyone was so welcoming. We pulled into the parking lot and the second we got out of the car with our Sioux Sweaters on, the Union fans were inviting us to tailgate with them...just awesome. Messa Rink is one of those places you have to see and experience. Their fans are loyal to their Team and it shows. To the Union Fans thanks for being so great.
  2. sioux/bufan

    Frozen Four Tickets - for sale

    These tickets are still for sale.
  3. sioux/bufan

    Frozen Four Roll Call

    Sioux Fan In Boston and I will be there!' Let's Go Sioux!
  4. sioux/bufan


    Aaron Dell is expected to be on HOCKEY On CAMPUS with Bernie Corbett and Paul McNamara tonight at 7 pm (8 EST)
  5. sioux/bufan

    Albany or Worcester Regional...

    Section 124. I will have my Fighting Sioux Flag! Let's Go Sioux!!!!!
  6. sioux/bufan

    Albany or Worcester Regional...

    We will be there!
  7. sioux/bufan

    SIOUX @ CC

    Thanks TJ for showing Kristo a few tips
  8. sioux/bufan

    Great time at Cornell

    Thanks again for taking our picture. The weekend was great and I hope to see you at future games.
  9. sioux/bufan

    Great time at Cornell

    Newspapers. When the visiting team is introduce the students act like they are reading the newspaper. When the introductions for the visiting team is complete they throw their newspaper on to the ice. It was pretty funny.
  10. sioux/bufan

    Great time at Cornell

    Can't say enough about what a great time we had in Ithaca. The Cornell fans were great and had a blast talking to some great people at the bar. I have a link to pictures I took during the weekend. LINK Go SIOUX!!!
  11. sioux/bufan


    We had a great time in Ithaca and at the games at Cornell. Overall the Cornell fans were great with some of them being almost in awe that North Dakota came out there to play. These were the most common questions/comments made by other fans: 1. Did you drive all the way from North Dakota? 2. Your uniforms are really green. "Wow, they are so green!" 3. North Dakota is wearing different uniforms tonight! (Comment made in the 2nd period of Saturday night's game.) 4. What is your team's ranking? To which we replied with our national poll ranking, our Pairwise ranking, and our WCHA ranking. (After which, the woman from Cornell left glossy-eyed). 5. Do fans back where you live have funny chants like we do? 6. Our arena seats 4000+. Does your arena have that many? 7. We live in Framingham, MA, and it's funny. No one knows anything about North Dakota there. 8. Have you ever seen the movie "Fargo"? And for the Cornell fan that complained about the referees all night and yelled "You moron!" when Gregoire scored the empty net goal......GET OVER IT!!!!!!! Let's Go Sioux!!
  12. sioux/bufan

    Who is going to Cornell?

    Just arrived in Ithaca. Can't wait for the game. Going out for a few pre game drinks.
  13. sioux/bufan

    Who is going to Cornell?

    I will be there with Siouxfaninboston.
  14. sioux/bufan


    I was in Ithaca earlier this year to see Harvard play Cornell at Lynah. Here is a LINK to some pictures I took of the game.
  15. sioux/bufan


    Leaving Friday morning for the long drive to Ithaca. I can't wait for the weekend. Let's Go SIOUX!!!!