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  1. Dunn is playing out of his mind. That should have been a goal.
  2. Why does that penalty not surprise me. Hextall and Roe have been itching to mix it upall night.
  3. SC are definitely "defending a lead". We need to step it up and make something happen!
  4. BE is looking good. Truth is,I think he looked pretty good last night too.
  5. We need that quick goalin the 3rd like SC got in the second. A real momentum changer, plus it may bring the fans back into it.
  6. LeBlanc would be a fool to throw down with Blood!
  7. That was a nice save by Dunn.
  8. Blood is after his namesake!
  9. SC is a quick team. Man em up, soften them up. This is the WCHA, which GENERALLY allows a bit more physical play than the wimpy east. Tonight seems to be the exception....
  10. Bout time. That flying elbow just wasn't enough to call? Really.
  11. Another penalty kill situation. Are we still in the WCHA?
  12. On goalies, the second goal was a doe in the headlights moment for Dell. He did not react, either stepping out to challenge the rebound, or getting back into his ready stance. It was like..... huh?
  13. Another penalty! ARGHHH
  14. I calls em like I sees em.
  15. Good analysis, and true as far as I saw it.
  16. Dell doesn't look nervous tonight because he only reacts after the puck is in the net.
  17. AFter seeing this period, give me BE back in goal!
  18. Don't hold your breath!
  19. So we are playing 5 on 9 tonight!
  20. Somebody need to CFB the ref for that call. Whoops,that would be against our new code of conduct!
  21. You could see the ref put the whistle in his mouth AFTER THE GOAL!
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