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  1. You gotta know when to hold em. And know when to fold em.
  2. Maybe Kangas IS mortal after all.
  3. #1 Coach Don Lucia gone. In his absence, I think the team was like a rudderless ship (IMHO). I think that Hill just doesn't have the control or quite as much respect from the team. The fact that Hill instructed Stoa to do what he did is testament to that. I was referring to that in my "feels a bit sicker" comment. I don't think things would have escalated quite the way that they did if Don Lucia was on the bench. I only hope the best for Don and is health. Really. #2 Stoa gone for the game. Again team leadership missing. And it showed.
  4. Sioux tied now for 3rd in the WCHA?
  5. Yeah,I heard that. Sounds like damage control to me.
  6. I bet the MN coach feels a bit sicker after this showing!
  7. Nice - shot the puck into the official at the end. He deserved it.
  8. Nice busted stick on the defensive clear!
  9. You could just see the "let em play" philosophy begin to fail miserably during the second period. Sure, there were no penalties called, but there were plenty that should have been. With the UND/UM matchup, you would think that seasoned officiating staff would have known that you can't just "let em play" at the start of the 2nd period!
  10. Sioux 6, Gophers 1, Officials 0.
  11. They should have started calling the game tighter about 35 minutes ago (clock-wise).
  12. Lucia IS a hot-head. I'd bet he said something to Jones on the faceoff. Something "nasty".
  13. Naw, he said something to Jones. Something "gopheresque"
  14. Shepherd is chewing that gum pretty hard now.
  15. Shepherd has completely lost control. Jones is NOT a hot-head!
  16. Will today's games be televised? Gotta feed my Hockey jones Or are there any bars in the Bismarck area where I can watch?
  17. " my email is ilovelongaberger@hotmail.com" Your email bounced. Still interested? Bob '82
  18. I have 4 - 109 R 3 through 6. I was going to be there, but now I may not be able to make it. $100 for all 4, or make me an offer. Bob '82
  19. I have 4 - 109 R 3 through 6. I was going to be there, but now I may not be able to make it. $100 for all 4. If you are coming to Grand Forks for Thanksgiving, I may be able to arrange a face to face exchange. Bob '82
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