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  1. Geez...you'd think that UNO might have wanted to show up for their first ever NCAA tournament game.
  2. I see this game is being webcast. Does anyone have any idea if any of the West Region games will be webcast? I am out of the country and have been searching EVERYWHERE to see if I can find it. If I have to I will listen to the audiocast, but would really like to watch it. Thanks
  3. Here's what I found. It's the WTBU radio website from Boston. In the upper right hand corner of the page it says "Main Stream: NCAA Mens Hockey - BU vs Nebraska-Omaha" and you have a few options. I don't quite know what to say about your 3 ft. thick firewall. WBTU Radio Boston U just scored to tie it up.
  4. It was great to hear when Hennessy said that Minnesota's defense was average and Dubay said "Um uhhm um uhhhh, yeah, I guess you could make that case".
  5. College Hockey's Best (and Worst) Sweaters Revealed I first must start off by saying I follow this messageboard alot, but this is my first post. I work out of the country at times and am usually gone in the middle/end of March during the WCHA Final Five and first round of the NCAA's (and will be again this year), and this messageboard is a lifesaver! I was reading on INCH.com that they rated college sweaters throughout the country (I have a link but not sure if it will work or not as this is my first post). Here is a comment from the article on UND's jerseys: North Dakota (17.1)
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