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  1. 1 hour ago, WiSioux said:

    If you honestly thought that the new nickname would be like flipping a light switch and everyone would automatically be in love with it and cheer for it, you are the delusional and pathetic one. Get real.

    A. It is a terribly boring nickname that didn't even get a majority of the votes.

    B. The logo is worse than the nickname.


    Consider us a dimmer light switch. Over time maybe the passion and support for the name will brighten but right now it is very low, especially amongst hockey fans.

    So its like Trump winning then......

    How did this board feel about the protests?

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  2. 1 minute ago, SloStang said:

    Cal Poly practices at 6:00 am California time (4:00 am ND time) so a 11:00 am California start time should not be to tough on them.  

    That would be 8 am ct. 

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  3. i guess i read her comment as to say " jeez, if we move those expenses to the womens sports, we may be able to justify less womens activities."  

    I dont think Ms. Irle is against a positive and efficient athletic dept,  i think she knows her role is to keep in compliance for title nine and womens athletics, i dont think she has advocated for doing anything more than what is necessary to stay in compliance.  Also, Faison is not interested in using the NDSU method in getting compliance w/ Title 9, simply because he doesnt believe it to be the right thing to do, even though it may be technically allowed for now.

  4. 40 minutes ago, The Sicatoka said:

    Not because of, but because their work focus was the budget. Subtle difference. But, I've had to work on two important things at once. These folks can't as well? 

    I've heard the opposite.

    Looks like the end of the month we will have a logo, though it will be a slow roll out.  The athletic dept has their part done.

  5. 5 hours ago, darell1976 said:

    I am saying charge less for people to stand there and maybe more people will pay for better seats. It's frustrating to see empty seats in the 40 and yet people had to buy seats at the 10 or 15 or is it over your head. I could draw you a picture if it helps.

    Darell you are wrong.   There are no people staying home because they cant get seats at the 40.   Thats where my seats are, but guess what, i stand in the endzone because i have  a better time there and can be with my tailgating group.  Your idea will lose more money giving me seats for less.  Also, it is not 'fan friendly" as you call it, to increase the cost of concessions, that would also have a negative effect.  Obviously, you have never ran a business.


    But please, go ahead, draw a picture.  Id love to see it.

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  6. 13 minutes ago, Old Time Hockey said:

    Will men's basketball ever be legit at UND?  If you say the only thing holding it back is money, I strongly disagree.  See the gopher men's BB program.  The universitys best chance to win national championships lies with hockey (both men and women) and the football team.  Every other programs shot is slim and none, and none left the building when UND went D1.  We are a small school with limited resources.  When you have limited resources, the best policy is to focus on your best opportunities for success.  Is women's hockey a financial drain? Yep, but title IX is the world we live in and helps satisfy the requirements.  Overall, UND is a hockey school.  The men's hockey program has earned that right.  How would it look if we, arguably the top men's hockey program in the country dropped women's hockey?

    It would look wise and prudent.  Overall UND is liberal arts research university, not a hockey school. 

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  7. 16 minutes ago, fightingsioux4life said:

    Being right and popular are two entirely different things. I care way more about the former than the latter.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, ksixpack said:

    Agreed.  But a lot of hockey fans in Grand Forks do including me.  That said, are you going to tell me more then 1% of the state gives 2 shites about UND women's hockey?

    Nope, but its being held at The University of North Dakota, so i think it only makes sense that any UND event should have priority w/in the schedule.  Its up to the REA to make sure it can pay its bills. 

  9. ill get roasted for this, but i think ksixpack greatly overvalues the impact of the state hockey tournament.  approximately 1% of the state could give 2 shites about it.  Just because GF closes down for the day, does not mean some pilgrimage from every corner of the state is made.

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