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    UND @ ISU

    Brady Stevens might the future at Kicker, surprised he isn’t kicking field goals with that pop
  2. SiouxKenny

    UND @ ISU

    What do the special teams look like, interested to see if Boltmann is back returning and if Stage secured his starting spot. From what I have heard he is struggled with field goals throughout fall camp. I can't take another year of missed PATs.
  3. Wasn't able to make it this morning, hoping we had an injury free day. If anyone has updates I would love to hear them
  4. Anyone watching Toivonen tonight?
  5. Feeney has exceeded expectations thus far, wouldn’t be surprised to see him take over the QB1 spot this year. Thoughts?
  6. The 17 class was a real dissapointment, frame and size were there but no athletic ability and improvement over the years. Interested to see how Pawlaks recruiting compares to the old silverback Knauf.
  7. Are we the Vikings of College Football?
  8. The only concern I have from this depth chart is the OL. Some big shoes to fill and I hope these young guns can do it. We will see how well Baukol handeled a short offseason to get them prepared.
  9. Stopped by practice and saw that Boltmann was on the field moving around. If he stays healthy the offense should have endless opportunites to be electric with Tommy, Quincy, and Boltmann all able to take snaps at QB. Feeney has impressed right out of the gate too I am excited for that QB room moving forward.
  10. The specialist group lost a few members over the summer, wondering what the depth chart for K/P will look like heading into week 1. Missed PATs need to be a thing of the past before it costs us a game.
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