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  1. Yes, in no way shape or form is the other girl involved on the ticket ad. I was speaking of the second girl in the video, misunderstanding from my end.
  2. Yes it would be okay if they just listened to the lyrics, this was not the case. Do it in private if these two find joy in such a discriminating word. They should not put this out for the world to see. Personally, this made not only them look bad, but the whole university look bad. This other girl is involved with how she states they would say this word before bed. “Weird and random but funny” this other girls exact words. Seems odd.
  3. The other one did do something by being in that video. You can hear her laughing, this is not a laughing matter. Also on twitter there are screen shots of her using this racial slur in various different ways...
  4. A und volleyball player using a racial slur. On video. Seems that it was brought to Chaves attention and he didn’t do anything about it months ago.
  5. Haha it’s a joke moment of weakness from the heartbreak of this season
  6. NDSU will have a field day with holding calls not even funny. On the other note students were a disgrace spitting on our players during the game from the stands. But to sum it up, proud of this team but disappointed in Bubba with some calls. Nothing we can do now. Nicholls State might be surprised with a locker room at NDSU. I would cheer for them but seeing how they acted and with this environment I never thought I would say this but...GO BISON
  7. I have a few thoughts and opinions on this game, special teams needs to clean it up. We shouldn’t be losing games because of our special teams. In my personal opinion #4 has not earned the right to take the ball out of the end zone when the game is on the line. Let alone kick it for a extra 10 yards. Let it go and lets win overtime. But for all you Brock Boltman lovers out there he’s a GOOD player he made a dumb mistake. Evan Holm needs to be the returner. He has made plays for us in the past on kick return. This is my opinion on the game. I can’t even imagine what this will do to all you Brock Boltman fans...sorry
  8. Mistake. No matter how good he can be in other areas of the game he should not be dropping the ball when the game practically depends on it.
  9. My bad not decision...MISTAKE
  10. No he didn’t, Brock Boltman did. I have never seen such a dumb decision at such a critical time in the game. Wow.
  11. 4 learned his lesson from the last time. Just dumb mistakes
  12. Alex Cloyd is a MONSTER!!!!!
  13. This is why Pluto tv is free
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