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  1. Agreed, I think it would look sharp
  2. This^ I am optimistic about this MSU team as well, I would argue they are a different beast then when we saw them last. Hoping for a great game and maybe some parody for the National Championship. MSU fans haven't seen a Semi-final game since 1984. Expect them to be energetic.
  3. anyone else patiently waiting for the Weber vs UM game? I am curious... my prediction UM. Who do i want? WSU.
  4. Could be quicker , joking. I see what he is saying.
  5. Alright I almost did not respond but I had to, you're really going to discredit me for bringing in quantitative values into production/ tangibles of WR's and your main argument on a few threads here were based around how our WRs are too white and slow that's all you said, no numbers to support it no nothing. Now NDSU has had these amazing deep threat WRs that has been a major contributor to their success, we also found to be false, now you wanna say 40 times cant be trusted and that's some well known fact. You can't make this stuff up... give it a break man. Have you watched an NDSU game lately? Do you want to know why some games stay close until the 4th? Physicality and dominating lines. They stick to a script. If you'd like an air it out team and pass first team go cheer for WAZZU. 1. We're on the same team here and 2. are you really that upset we don't need help at the WR position next year? Would you rather that be another off season fire to put out? Are you ashamed you have parody with both tall and short White WRs faster than an NFL player?
  6. Does anyone know the depth of our lines? I know the D line is younger, but what about the OL? Do we have recruits coming in that can make an immediate impact?
  7. That's true, I might have expressed a run or die mentality but that wasn't my goal. I think some things to look at too is the lack of TE incorporation in the offense now a days (which i don't like to see). I think offenses are adjusting to a different style of play. But the point I was trying to convey is if you are able to keep a defense honest with respecting your run game, you won't always see them playing in nickle coverage and can take shots from time to time and be effective. avg yards per att: UND 4.2 NDSU 6.5 MSU 5.8 JMU 5.3. Another example of how important the run game is: SAC vs AP... when SAC lost their all big sky RB early. Look how everything else fell apart for the offense, how AP stayed in passing defense and was able to get to Kevin Thompson through various blitzes not worrying about the run.
  8. I am not aware of that at all. If that was the case then why are combines so highly attended and athletes are looked at from a quantitative perspective? This is a dead end at this point, but Sheppard ran a 4.66 (officially) with NFL caliber training and as a senior fresh off a national championship. From some articles I read into, while sheppard was decent in the hands game he was ripped a bit for his tangibles and numbers he posted. Maag ran a 4.6 as a senior in high school. Would love to see his numbers now. Sheppard had Wentz throwing to him while we had Kett. From a tangibles side, Maag gets the edge. From benefiting from a system and QB ability, sure Sheppard looks appealing. Give Maag a few years, and I wouldn't be surprised if Scouts are calling Bubba. Case and point, establish a meaningful run game and give the QB time to toss it up (with a better OL) and let Maag, and boltmann go get it. WR are not the issue we face this off-season.
  9. Just quick search from time to time.. everything is on the internet. If you compare their sophomore seasons (Sheppard's red shirt fresh). Him and Maag are very similar. From the mold you describe and the players you used in examples, our WR stack up very well against that. But again, I don't disagree a better passing attack helps, but I don't agree with the belief that our WR's are at fault for that. Also, look at who was passing to Sheppard and who was passing to Maag and Boltmann.
  10. If you want to compare deep threat ability based on these fast and skilled tangibles: Sheppard ran a 4.61 and is 5'11. Brock (faster, taller, and bigger at 6'1 190) ran a 4.6. Maag (taller, bigger, and faster as well) ran a 4.6. My point in all this is I think we have some awesome weapons at the Slot/ WR position. So is our concern with the deep ball really about the players we have? Or how we go about it? Throw Skonka in the flat or run with him and this team call ball.
  11. Hey man, I'm not even trying to argue the only reason I really posted in the first place was because you kept talking about how our WR's were "too white and slow" which for one, just stop with the whole white thing man if a kid can ball they can ball. Secondly, Maag ran a 4.6 at a combine and hes like 6'4" that's FAST for his size and SEC speed is like 4.5... Also what do you expect from the team next year. Also, NDSU is not known for their "deep threats" at all and all they do is WIN. I'll throw a disclaimer out there, I really have no quarrels, just want to talk football and question some ideas is all. cheers.
  12. UND has deep ball guys, MAAG is FAST, Brock is FAST, and they offer good parody in style. I agree some accuracy and time would open the offense up. But other than leach and WAZZU's Air it out offense, I cant think of a team that doesn't try establishing the run to win games. Want to win? Run the ball successfully, keep third downs short on offense, win the T.O.P and turn over battle.
  13. Does anyone know if NDSU has had a "true deep threat" or "blow off the top" WR in their last 8 years of dominance and the coaches only called house plays on every call to try and score each down?
  14. I would agree that a teams ability to air it out from time to time is effective, but the reality is you need to establish the run to throw the ball. UND was unable to establish a run game to any degree. I think we have threats who can go get the ball but you need a well thrown ball to give them a chance and that wasn't a product we were able to produce much at all because of what we lack in multiple areas across the line and run game. If you want to be successful and make the playoffs don't worry about the pass game, play off teams are built around size and running the ball. (NDSU, Weber, MSU, Austin Peay (to an extent)). Montana does have a good pass game but they are able to establish the run and have a punishing defense. Don't know too much about what makes JMU click but ill tell ya what, they have a killer line and rushed for 3300 yards or something, comparatively we ran for 1400 and passed for 3100. Apples and Oranges maybe, but just my two cents... or maybe a dollar at this rate.
  15. Can we stop with the fact that they are white? I mean you've mentioned it multiple times in this forum. Does that really appear to be the issue? Cuz IMO, most teams struggled with them in space and these "tall white boys" were very sure handed and elusive against secondaries all season. Not to mention extremely difficult to handle in the red zone during 1 on 1 jump balls. Tough to create separation and get open when you're constantly playing against nickle defenses because nobody fears our offensive line and run game. Also, you mean to tell me Boltman in the slot doesn't offer a complimentary skill set to our taller outside WR's? I would argue he's explosive.
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