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  1. Jack Dean

    2019 Season

    There will be a lot of this from this guy! Anyone who saw him knows what he brings.#1 Mckinney doesn't need to touch it to many times to be a game changer he has the it factor you cannot teach what he does naturally a chance is all he needs. He will open the game up for #31 and 89# The tight ends also will have some big games. The running game also will be something special. Don't sleep on McKinney! Hopefully he will be used in the return game. He will be an impact wasn't used at all like he should've been. Its a new season 2019 If the Quarterback play comes around because you do have talent at the position just a little hands on coaching is all that's needed, No doubt UND go deep into playoffs. I also predict a victory over North Dakota State. Fan
  2. Jack Dean

    2019 Season

    WR. Magg and Wanzek did well and they will do well in 2019. But don't sleep on McKinney if he gets the chance he is going to set off the conference. Not taking nothing away from number 89 or 31 but look out this kid is going to be exciting if he is given that chance.
  3. If the kid works hard in the off season weight room he cant be denied!
  4. Now as far as touches they don't have to be just in the back field im talking about kick return is a touch! A deep pass route is a touch. a reverse! a touch with the starting ol. im just a UND fan who wants to see the program successful and this kid just didn't get his chance to contribute that's all im saying. hopefully he gets his chance to show the world his gift. Because weather one admits it or not this kid is special! It just seems to me they down play his potential. That's all Im saying.
  5. I saw those games one he had a couple of big runs in crunch time! and at the end of the game they gave him a few plays with 2nd team offensive line he never got the chance to touch it from back there with the starting line. Jet sweeps yes but that's running to the side line. Never.
  6. McKinney playing style and his talent he only needs to touch the ball 8 times a game he would score twice he doesn't need many touches he just needs the opportunity! I was sitting at a game I heard a NfL scout say after he had 3 nice 15 plus yard runs ask the other why are they taking him out you can see the kid has it. They see it. Yes he is small but so is #10 for the Chiefs. McKinney just needs a chance. That's it.
  7. McKinney will be that guy if he gets the chance to preform he has the it factor. What he has cannot be taught.
  8. Jack Dean

    2018 Season

    I saw this kid touch the ball 3 times 62 yards then he play again. How do you not see that. And it was in the heat of the battle. The offense changes when he in there didn't seem like he got a chance. I saw him in a few games he played he made the most out of the crumbs.
  9. Jack Dean

    2018 Season

    Why didn't the kid from Texas get more touches. You could see his skill set and the way he moves his role was limited why.
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