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  1. That's why I said "it seems". I would of said "you are" if I was putting words in someones mouth. However sorry about that. Like with everyone, there will be some positives and negatives they do. Just depends on your view. With him, there are more negatives than positives from what I've seen.
  2. I wouldn't call rolling on the foam roller stretching, but that's just me. Honestly visually they looked slow and this is right before spring ball when guys have been lifting and doing "speed" training. The times were slow as well (if I'm not mistaken I think hand and a system were taken). Unfortunately his methods are out of date. Especially his lack of position specific training. A linemen does not need the same attributes as a wide receiver and vice versa. It seems you are a big supporter of his. I know players and coaches across the country and this just isn't it. The players I've seen develop across the country are similar to ours, but have a great strength training program that is up to date and position specific. That is why they are faster, more explosive, and agile than us. We aren't playing D2 football (where Baukol's methods were successful... we are playing D1 now). However, I completely agree that players diets are absolute garbage. I've seen this and the dining halls are where the concern lays. Should have a food hall for athletes only to monitor diets for all sports programs (this is what the big programs have).
  3. What stretching are you talking about? The warm up before practice? I don't really call that stretching. He recently implemented new concepts before weights, but that was due to Coach Fantuzzi (great coach!). He does not believe in static stretching. This was told directly to me by him. So that would be a question for him. We could definitely use a better strength coach. He does not know how to develop fast, explosive, and durable athletes imo. He knows strong... I remember when we did our 40 times and how awful they were even by our best.
  4. Sorry for the late response. I've been to camps across the country and what the FBS guys do is black out the shoes (probably something we should have them do). Arkansas state is a program I remember talking to that allowed it.
  5. I think you are on the right track on most points... Especially recruiting more athletic WR's and bigger linemen. However, I think our strength training is the worst in the country. I have been in quite a few programs and talked to many players across the country. I also dealt with the current st coach. He is stuck in the 1970's and has no idea what it takes to be a top tier athlete now days. Doesn't even believe in stretching... (Hence all of our injuries). Believes you should work out while injured or thinks you are a pu***. Was one of the reasons I almost didn't go to UND because he seemed like the biggest negative when I went on the OV back in the day. Doesn't do position specific lifting either. Linemen do the same lifts as receivers... Let that sink in.
  6. Many athletes across college football do this. Especially kickers/punters. It's like a baseball glove and coaches understand that. Even FBS schools allow this.
  7. I agree. If the snapper isn't snapping the ball back there in 0.7 seconds... Get a new snapper. Snappers are a dime a dozen. Slow snaps have been a problem for quite a long time. If a punter is just rushing to get his punts off he will have no rythym. Rythym = good punts. No rythym = mediocre punts.
  8. It's the protection. We've had protection issues about every year now.
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