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  1. That's not keeping up. That's trying to get a facility that's actually FCS quality.
  2. Considering you barely squeaked by USeD last year during your best season to date, I would be willing to wager a healthy sum that won't happen.
  3. Lol, whatever helps you sleep at night skippy. I really can't wait for your entrance to the MVFC. That's going to be hilarious.
  4. Pretty sure every Summit League mbb fan and coach prays for that before bed every night lol
  5. Um, no. Maybe fighting for 3rd/4th. Your wbb isn't top tier for the Summit, it just isn't close to SDSU, USeD, IUPUI, and what WIU had this year. Your men's team is going to be in for a rude awakening when they get to face some veteran Summit squads that have been on the upswing and will have their best players as seniors that year (Mooney, Daum, Konchar).
  6. Thanks, I didn't know. I think the playing top 50 schools is a bit disingenuous to be honest. I mean USD played Gonzaga and SDSU traveled to Cal. There may be more top 100 schools closer to Summit schools but there's a lot more schools around to schedule them in the area as well. It's more of a want to improve your conference issue IMO. Look at the wbb in the Summit, AJ challenged the other schools to go schedule better and the conference RPI has really gone up. The fact that you have 3 more teams and played less top 100 schools isn't just location. Anyways, I'm happy with you guys comin
  7. To add to this, when was the last time a Big Sky team got better than a 16 seed? I honestly have no idea and am curious. This will be the first time in a while that the Summit has gotten a 16, and that was from a mid pick team that got hot in a year where everyone was jumbled together. Also it was the first year that a 1 or a 2 seed wasn't in the championship game since the 90's I believe. The bottom line is that the Summit gets more respect and attention nationally as a conference and for the atmosphere of the tournament and it shows when seeds are handed out to the big dance. Also, I would b
  8. Well, now I know this board is pretty much bisonville with a !@#!$ team. At least you'll be able to whine about not making the playoffs for as long as bison fans have whined about the bill Fette call. Except it doesn't look like your team is going to have a positive response to it.
  9. Or, you know, don't lose to freaking Idaho State. Cause the fact that you have to say that with that win that situation wouldn't have happened in the first place shows how stupid your argument is. A win is better than a loss, and the fact that to make your argument you have to qualify that with a win in that game this conversation wouldn't be happening proves how dumb it is. Holy crap guy.
  10. As an outside observer who listened to the game tonight it's way too early for you guys to hit the panic button. Your defense should be good enough to keep you in most any game and you have a green o line. Give it a couple of weeks.
  11. You're not seriously so out of the loop in FCS football that you think USD is the far better of the two teams are you? Cause one has made the playoffs four years straight and has the second longest streak of being ranked in the top 25 while the other hasn't finished in the top half of the MVFC since they joined the conference.
  12. So was reading through cause you guys have an interesting situation going on and this is wildly inaccurate. And I know you're in left field with this stuff as it is, but here's reality. The money from TV contracts are gone for any team outside the Power 5 conferences. You can see from the new Conference USA deal that just got done. The schools are going from receiving 1.1 million a year to 200,000. 200,000 to play crappy Tuesday games and take on all the added expenses of a FBS program. The big networks aren't going to pay for the G5 conference TV rights anymore. Sorry. http://pilotonline.com/
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