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  1. 2 hours ago, MafiaMan said:

    I'd for-sure buy it for $100-$150 and then slap a number on the upper left chest and back.  

    If it doesn't fit, you would have zero problem finding someone here to take it off your hands.

    What number would you put on it? Keeping in mind it’s the 1958-1964 teams? 

  2. So it’s a good by for $150? And do you know how the sizes run in comparison to Reebok? Mostly because the seller calls it a XL but the arm pit to arm pit he lists is 26 inches.  He also has a green 1963 but it doesn’t have a Sammy Sioux patch 

  3. Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase one of the adidas jerseys the players have or any others besides the black nike?  Looking for some more jersey colors other than the one black jersey to wear to game day.  Thanks

  4. So this weekend at the hockey there was a song that the sung at the start of the period by the students.  I was told that it was something sung in the early 2000s to the tune of clementine. I also know that when the women's basketball team won their national championship one of their coaches sang it.  Does anyone know what this is???

  5. Hi y'all this is my first time on here and I was just wondering if anyone has a geometric Sioux jersey they are willing to part with.  It is my favorite logo and I am willing to trade or buy it.  Thanks for the help! 

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