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  1. 34 minutes ago, ChrisUND1 said:

    When I saw Kyle's (bubba) remarks about the 7 win season and basically saying that was their goal,  it was very telling.  Time to move on.

    To be fair at the beginning of the season I had them pegged 5-6 with the schedule they had.  

  2. Just now, petey23 said:

    Stadiums are similar size...SELA with a stadium half the size of Villanova outbid them as well

    Gotta wonder if the conference chipped in to help their teams stay at home.  

  3. 3 hours ago, siouxkid12 said:

    Are the "authentic" jerseys they sell made in canada or indonesia?

    The only ones they sell at the Sioux shop are the Indonesia ones 

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  4. This is a long shot but does anyone have a green or black Reebok edge jersey size large they would be willing to trade for a green medium one?  I promise it’s real the lighting looks terrible right now B4E25FA5-2158-4CC9-8B46-03C8DAD81207.thumb.jpeg.f98a1448a245283f5a1d68917345d085.jpegB4E25FA5-2158-4CC9-8B46-03C8DAD81207.thumb.jpeg.f98a1448a245283f5a1d68917345d085.jpeg


  5. Hey y’all I asked this last year but is anyone else on here a STH for the frozen Faceoff? I’m trying to decide if I want to stay in the section I was in the last two years or not.  It’s a very nice section but I want to sit closer to UND fans. I’m thinking maybe the lower level upper corners could be good. Has anyone sat there at the X before? Thanks in advance!!

  6. So I said this idea in a game day thread but if Bubba is let go we need a proven coach.  I’d say Beau Baldwin because he and Chaves worked together.  Would this be possible? Who do you see as a good fit for a new HC?

  7. 5 minutes ago, SKOLSioux said:

    Honest question; Make Danny as new head coach??

    As much as Danny is a nice guy I would not want him as a HC.  If you fire Bubba you gotta get an experienced coach who knows how to win.  Maybe Chaves convinced Beau Baldwin to come back to the NCCA?

  8. 2 minutes ago, darell1976 said:

    Will that drown out the Fire Berry chant? 

    Yes but still not quite as loud as the fire Hak chants that people are still doing

  9. As much as I liked Bubba this may be the last straw.  Every road game this year we start off terrible.  What is up with the team? Is it the the coaching or what? Lose today and our season is toast. Figure it out in halftime boys.  

  10. Just realized that the next home game on Oct 26 is against Montana State who is ranked 6 in the nation.  Let’s pack the Alerus and give em hell because I’m sick and tired of losing to the Montana schools.  

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  11. 12 minutes ago, Frozen4sioux said:

    Because theres a fine line between "hockey chants" and "heckling youth student athletes"  ...

    I know in this day and age its a blurry line but personally im not so comfortable with it...

    Students... on the other hand, well they can rip the other kids and their mothers all night long. 


    No, the kids are not going to be moved but the title of thread was making REA fun again, the move would do that, its just not going to happen.

    I will say if people are selfish enough to refuse a small change that vastly benefits the program and experience they claim to support,  yet slightly inconveniences them.... do they really support the program or just value their own experience...???

    More a philosophical that practical question really. NOT AN ACCUSATION! 

    Fair point lol

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