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UND (5-11, 1-4) vs Weber (10-6, 3-1) 1/13 2 PM

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17 hours ago, SiouxVolley said:

Drew over 2000 to the game.  Nice turnout.

Buchanan, Walters, and  Brown seem to be delivering key minutes and points and Crandall seems to have got his rhythm back.

Yup nice turnout. For cold weather.

What ever happened to Star2city.  Any idea

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I didn't get a chance to watch this on Saturday, but watched it on Sunday.

I was surprised, yes I picked them to win but fully expected them to lose at home.  

Many positive to talk about here, but the biggest one to me was they punched back every time Weber made a run. When Weber would get it down to 3,4 points, UND pushed it back up to 8-9 points.  They aren't doing that 2 weeks ago.

Geno had an impressive game, they need more of this Geno going forward.  Seales was stuffing the stat sheet again and finally hit a few 3 pointers. He has had a nice 3 games so far. This one was his best because he was matched up against the 6'9 Chapman and he owned him.

The Zone offense is improved.  It could be the change in personal going with the 4 guards or a different mindset, but they are attacking the zone much better, the ball and off-ball movement is improved, there is a lot less standing around, and yes they are hitting shots or if they missed the shot it was a good look because of good ball movement.

The Bench has gotten better, it is basically now 3 guys with Brown and Buchanan getting most of the minutes.  This game Walter stepped up and provided the punch from the bench.  Tray had a clunker today but has been solid so far in conference play and Brown had some flashes in the last 2.  

Dale only had 9 minutes, but was 3/5 from downtown. Wasn't Avants best from the stat sheet.

So where does UND go from here.  1/3 through the conference season and they are sitting at 2-4, for comparison sake here are the conference records through 6 games in previous seasons

12-13: 2-4

13-14: 3-3

14-15: 2-4

15-16: 3-3

16-17: 4-2

So despite some disasters, the records are comparable.. but this 3 game conference road stretch is critical.  @ UNC, @ EWU, @ Idaho.  If they can get 2 out of these 3 and get home 4-5 in conference play,the 2nd half of the conference schedule gets "softer" towards the end of the season so they can start to pile up some wins and climb back into the standings.  IF, they can keep playing like they are and keep getting better.. which mean we need more of this Geno. 

Before that, they need to exact a little revenge against that school down south tomorrow. 


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