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  1. UND at NDSU Dumpster Fire Thread

    I mean, this is the board saying that Gene Taylor will try to buy out the game with UND so I'm not suprised. Like anyone in the Big 12 would be scared of UND? Oh crap, they lost to Richmond in the first round of FCS last year, let's get out of that contract.
  2. UND at NDSU Dumpster Fire Thread

    Sorry that I said ndsu won 5 straight titles.....guess facts are not allowed here. I'm sure I'll be banned in 5..4..3..2..1..
  3. UND at NDSU Dumpster Fire Thread

    Delete my statement? Lol. #sad. Bunch of butthurt sioux people. Post a factual statement and it will be deleted. Is Trump running this board?
  4. UND at NDSU Dumpster Fire Thread

    How is that a troll? People on here still talk smack about ndsu after 5 straight titles. I guess you all have it figured out and will win 6 straight. Good for you
  5. UND at NDSU Dumpster Fire Thread

    Hilarious that UND fans always criticize anything NDSU after 5 straight titles, which has never, and probably will never be done again. Maybe win one playoff game at least in FCS before you talk smack? You all look stupider than normal otherwise . Which is very impressive
  6. POLL: Should UND-NDSU Resume the Football Series?

    http://espn.go.com/college-football/team/_/id/99/lsu-tigers #2 ranked team in FBS. Their OOC schedule screams cupcake. Do they care? No. They are #2 in the country. Does NDSU care that they have cupcakes? No. They are #1 in the country. What is everyone's point here about weak OOC games? Yes, NDSU OOC schedule is weak. They also won a national championship, so there is no correlation between OOC cupcakes and success. Sorry.
  7. Week 3 UND at the big SDSU

    Everyone on here is jealous because UND ALMOST beat an FBS team....Just give the Tribals a National Championship already, jeez! They shouldn't have to play the scrubs in FCS, I mean, they can put prolly put up 341 yards on Alabama, just like Georgia Southern. And Georgia Southern would definitely beat NDSU, I mean, they have that southern speed and talent. No way they could be held under 20 points by an FCS team.
  8. Week 3 UND at the big SDSU

    Then you should have no problem winning the national championship this year.