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  1. Brock
  2. AF Lowell Harvard Penn St Tech SIOUX Kinda more how I would like things to go.
  3. That's hard to say. If the NC$$ sticks to their "a flight is a flight" then they will probably send DU east.
  4. I ran a bunch of scenarios. There are a few scenarios where UND does not make the tournament, but it looks very good for making the tournament. With one win, they are in. With two losses the chances are still pretty good. A lot of underdogs would need to win their conference tournaments to keep UND out.
  5. Five could work.
  6. Well, ya!
  7. O.M.G.
  8. Uh, score?
  9. I give OT about 3 minutes.
  10. No way - no defense on either side.
  11. Get a high school team out there. RR and Central would play better than this.
  12. What the hell are they doing?????
  13. Good grief - win a puck battle!
  14. Great win - great effort. Let's do it again tomorrow.
  15. FYP