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  1. The monorail goes from Westlake Center (in the middle of downtown) to the Seattle Center. It has two cars - not a reliable method of moving 19,000 people. The buses travel on the same streets as the cars. The last time I took a bus to downtown it took about 15 minutes to get there (about 10 miles) and then about 45 minutes to the bus stop where we were going. The parking garage by the Seattle Center is very small. And one of the groups (one of them withdrew their bid a couple days ago) that wants to renovate Key Arena was talking about building a garage that would hold 850 cars - at a cost of $30,000 per car. It has been said that the mayor doesn't like Hansen and that seems to be the truth - why I have no idea. There aren't too many cities where you have a private investor who is willing to plunk down $500-600M of his own money and the city basically says they aren't interested. But, hey, there will be light rail in about 20 years.
  2. They would be better off accepting Hansen's proposal and building a new arena by the baseball stadium. You can't drive anywhere near Key Arena and there is very little parking. Transit? None. Spending $564M to "renovate" a crappy arena is a crappy idea. And no public financing - we'll see about that.
  3. I heard they announced that all the people in the stands that are qualified to do the Heimlich were asked to come to the Pens locker room after the second period.
  4. This is unreal but it sure is looking like renovating Key Arena is going to happen. Big mistake.
  5. I need some help understanding the difference between burning a year and sliding a year. If you sign an ELC and play at least ten games, then you "burn" a year - meaning the first year of your ELC is history. If you sign an ELC and play fewer than ten games then your contract starts ("slides" to) the following season. Is that how it works?
  6. It doesn't prove anything. I just think the defensive part of his game needs more work before he is ready to go pro.
  7. Wolanin did have a great game against BU, but he lost a puck battle behind the net that led to a BU goal.
  8. Lots of talk about Pogo leaving. Hopefully he pays attention to the many guys that left early and never got a sniff of the NHL.
  9. The circus has been in town for several years. I suppose cutting WIH was necessary but much like a lot of what the university has done for the past decade, this was very poorly handled. The nickname fiasco, the logo, the "we're cutting programs - oh, no we're not" and now this. Very disappointing.
  10. I don't understand why a kid plays college hockey if he is only going to stay a year - what's the point? Best of luck to him. I hope he has a good pro career.
  11. I thought that proposal got canned?
  12. Brock
  13. AF Lowell Harvard Penn St Tech SIOUX Kinda more how I would like things to go.
  14. That's hard to say. If the NC$$ sticks to their "a flight is a flight" then they will probably send DU east.
  15. I ran a bunch of scenarios. There are a few scenarios where UND does not make the tournament, but it looks very good for making the tournament. With one win, they are in. With two losses the chances are still pretty good. A lot of underdogs would need to win their conference tournaments to keep UND out.