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  1. I need some help understanding the difference between burning a year and sliding a year. If you sign an ELC and play at least ten games, then you "burn" a year - meaning the first year of your ELC is history. If you sign an ELC and play fewer than ten games then your contract starts ("slides" to) the following season. Is that how it works?
  2. It doesn't prove anything. I just think the defensive part of his game needs more work before he is ready to go pro.
  3. Wolanin did have a great game against BU, but he lost a puck battle behind the net that led to a BU goal.
  4. Lots of talk about Pogo leaving. Hopefully he pays attention to the many guys that left early and never got a sniff of the NHL.
  5. The circus has been in town for several years. I suppose cutting WIH was necessary but much like a lot of what the university has done for the past decade, this was very poorly handled. The nickname fiasco, the logo, the "we're cutting programs - oh, no we're not" and now this. Very disappointing.
  6. I don't understand why a kid plays college hockey if he is only going to stay a year - what's the point? Best of luck to him. I hope he has a good pro career.
  7. I thought that proposal got canned?
  8. Brock
  9. AF Lowell Harvard Penn St Tech SIOUX Kinda more how I would like things to go.
  10. That's hard to say. If the NC$$ sticks to their "a flight is a flight" then they will probably send DU east.
  11. I ran a bunch of scenarios. There are a few scenarios where UND does not make the tournament, but it looks very good for making the tournament. With one win, they are in. With two losses the chances are still pretty good. A lot of underdogs would need to win their conference tournaments to keep UND out.
  12. Five could work.
  13. Well, ya!
  14. O.M.G.
  15. Uh, score?