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  1. Plus UMD has not won consistently over it's history and is one of many universities in the state and shares fans with pro teams as well. Wish we had more fans but we don't.
  2. Just don't be a dink and you'll be fine.
  3. Oh no...not
  4. You'd be silly not to acknowledge it. First it was Gopher fans talking about it and now it is you guys. Although to be fair to UMD, it comes up a couple times a year and is not a weekly occurrence. Of course that could just be my "maroon and gold" glasses speaking.
  5. Wait isn't that where they learned it from?
  6. Nah, we dive a lot and it's been a trend ever since Farley and Johnson were on the team. It's annoying as a UMD fan but it does make it fun to watch people wine about it. That Johnson dive was so amazingly bad. I wish they'd stop soon so we don't get fans hating on us for that reason but it keep happening *shrugs*
  7. much appreciated
  8. That's hard nosed hockey!!
  9. I don't think that will work. there will be so many UND fans swarming to whine I won't be able to move the car.
  10. So what is the parking situation like? wont' arrive until the third of the UND-BU game. Park and walk far?
  11. Let's go Bulldogs!
  12. Thank you. I didn't know what to expect with this team coming into the year becasue our goaltending was such a huge qustion mark. But Miska has played so well and we've got great players contributing to a deep team. I'm enjoying the season. Agreed a 100%, Frozen Four or it will be a disappointment, but hockey is a fluky thing so they could very well be one and done. We'll see...:)
  13. Yup! UND has traditionally had UMD's number. Even in our best years UMD didn't do well against UND or was just above .500 against them. Crazy right?