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  1. 1 NCHC Frozen Faceoff ticket package, lower deck side

  2. 1 NCHC two day ticket package for sale, great seats section 115, Row 10, seat 14 Face value $140 a seat and selling for $100 a seat, I am located in the NW metro area and can drive to a metro location to meet up and make the transaction or can meet just before the game outside the arena.
  3. Gophers Vs Sioux Nov 4&5

    Still for sale
  4. Gophers Vs Sioux Nov 4&5

    One extra single ticket for both Friday and Saturday night at Mariucci for face value of $48 each night. Friday Section 6 Row 4 (above Gopher bench) Saturday Section 22 Row 18 (corner Sioux attack twice)
  5. 2 WCHA seats lower level sides

    Seats are in section 115 Row 10
  6. 4 WCHA packages (great seats)

    Two sold, now only two still for sale.
  7. 4 WCHA packages (great seats)

    Four packages Section 115 (lower deck and side of the arena) Row 10 for $150 (below face value) a seat, all five games. Really great seats!
  8. 3 WCHA Final Five Tickets

    Bump, Three packages are still for sale.
  9. 3 WCHA Final Five Tickets

    Two of the five sets are sold to MPURPUR, three seats are still for sale
  10. 3 WCHA Final Five Tickets

    Section 115 (lower deck and side of the arena) seats 6,7,8 row 10 for $160 a seat, all five games. Really great seats! Edited to remove two of the original five that were sold.
  11. New Era, New Look

    I know they just tweaked the old version, but I just can't believe they are actually going to replace the ND logo which we have used for close to a hundred years and have used several years longer then Notre Dame I might add, with this ugly monstrosity. I sure hope that the marketing grad that came up with this disaster went to NDSU and not UND.
  12. Two pairs of tickets for the Cornell series for sale. Fri section 108 row I seats 1-2 Sat section 108 row J seats 9-10 Price $60 a night or $110 for both nights. Tickets are availible for pick up in the west metro (Crystal) or can be emailed since they are TicketFast tickets from TicketMaster.
  13. 2 Regional Tickets (Both Days)

    Tickets sold. Sorry Sioux-cia hope you find one somewhere else.
  14. 2 Regional Tickets (Both Days)

    If someone else will offer to take the other one off of my hands I will, otherwise I would rather not break them up. So if anyone else is looking for a single ticket, please post on this thread and you and Sioux-cia can split the pair.
  15. 2 Regional Tickets (Both Days)

    I have two extra Madison regional ticket packages for sale. They are Section 115 Row H Seats 9-10, this is normally in the student section behind the net that the home team attacks twice (should be us as the highest seed). I am selling them at the face value of $65 + the $5 processing fee per seat for a total of $140. The tickets are at will-call so we will have to meet before the game to exchange the tickets.