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  1. Reloading Thread

    Very true. One need not look to far where we were the overwhelming preseason favorite to take the championship. We know how that panned out.
  2. Fighting Sioux Alphabet

    MacNaUghton CUp.............We haven't won it in awhile.
  3. Fighting Sioux Alphabet

    DEnvEr PionEErs
  4. Fighting Sioux Alphabet

    Nathan Gerbe
  5. Garrett Clarke

    Wrong. He was basically Beaversoned.
  6. Joe Finley

    What you say is probably true. However, I don't think mascots are allowed on the ice during the game. Therefore, I don't think we have to worry about it.
  7. Taylor Chorney

    It would appear that Slap Shot has the facts to back up his claims versus some of the half-truths and outright lies that appear to be coming out. BTW, who is this Hammy character?
  8. Joe Finley

    I would say that soohockey15 and bienek pretty much have this summed up.
  9. Joe Finley

    Based upon the numerous comments on this forum during the past season, many from our Sioux fanbase would disagree.
  10. Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Really? I have sources that indicate otherwise.
  11. Fighting Sioux Alphabet

    Maybe lack of knowledge of the alphabet is a sign of a UND education.
  12. Taylor Chorney

    I take it you visit that website often and have had your posts deleted.
  13. Blake Wheeler a free agent

    Good call. Unfortunately, many of our fans take more solace in an opposing teams loss instead of cherishing the Sioux successes in recent years. Your analysis is spot on.
  14. Fighting Sioux Alphabet

    We've kind of choked it up during the last four Frozen Fours. That's the UnVarnished truth.