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  1. Gameday vs Utah

    Listen, I tried to tell Maddogg (or whatever the hell his name is) that you wouldn't run on Utah. You would not wear them down. You would not grind things out. The QB would have to beat Utah, and he isn't (plus your receivers) good enough to do that. Tried to tell everyone (in a nice way) that what UND does plays right into the Utah defense. You'll be just fine going forward. You have some talented players and a staff that knows what they are doing. The guys played hard and never gave up...they just never stood a chance of consistently moving the ball to win the game. Hope y'all had fun that could make it out. Hope you win the rest of your games. I'm signing off...got some BYU Zoobs to argue with now.
  2. Utah Predictions

    Even if you nothing Ute fans would welcome you. I won't be up there for an hour. But look for the bus or pirate ship. They'll take care of you
  3. Utah Predictions

    I'm 4 deep. Who's in SLC ? Who's on Twitter?
  4. Gameday vs Utah

    Trax. You'll have to make a transfer from the green to red line. Your game ticket doubles as the fare
  5. In 20 minutes

    It is officially Gameday is Salt Lake City. I wish you safe travels and no injuries. However, I wish your football team 60 minutes of pain and sorrow. I hope those of you that traveled to Utah a night of heavy drinking to drown the sorrow. I want you to win every game after this one and note that the Utah Utes are the greatest college football team you've ever played I'm going full homer tomorrow. Go Utes!!!!

    Don't know

    But you can't drink beer at Crown Burger. Go to Lucky 13 for the best of both worlds
  8. Greetings from Salt Lake

    For those into Uniswag
  9. Greetings from Salt Lake

    There are numerous lots spread across campus. The most rowdy will be the parking lot off Guardsman Way (SE of the stadium). If you are on Twitter, try interacting with @UtahPigBus & @UteFanFaithful. Those guys are very welcoming.
  10. Greetings from Salt Lake

    Whittingham was the coach for the 2008 Sugar Bowl
  11. Utah Game Broadcast

    For those of you with the Pac12 Network https://twitter.com/Pac12Network/status/902342394464440320
  12. Utah Game Broadcast

    Wait until you get to the last play of the game, you'll get to see that guy on Thursday night catching passes
  13. Utah Predictions

    That they didn't have the talent to beat you. Utah has far more talent than them or Bowling Green. Good luck Thursday
  14. Utah Predictions

    The same Wyoming team that won 2 games that year...OK
  15. Utah Predictions

    It will be a battle for 1 1/2 quarters while a new QB gets over some butterflies and it will be 21-10 at halftime. Second half heat and elevation will wear down UND and Utah will pile up points. Utah - 45 ND - 17