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Web site down time (April 2)


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Sorry about the April 2, 2003, downtime. It ended up totaling about 11 hours which wiped out most of the day for CST users.

Though if you're reading this, the site is clearly up, it would not be surprising to experience additional downtime in the next few days.

For those interested in details, a number of things went wrong that contributed to the long delay-- as a critical PHP/SQL security update was being applied, the data center that hosts the computer on which SiouxSports.com resides had a few computers hacked with anti-war propaganda (though the SiouxSports computer was unaffected). Addressing those hacks resulted in chaos in the data center as the techs realized they needed to rebuild a couple critical DNS machines and others from backups. An unrelated event on the SiouxSports computer took the back seat for a few hours as critical systems were brought back online.

Fortunately, we were able to use the long delay to recover ALL the SiouxSports data (the last full backup was Mar 25), so no messages were lost. Though not quite "the perfect storm", this extensive downtime was the result of 3 unrelated incidents, so hopefully we'll be able to avoid such long unavailability in the future.

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