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Thinking back on last Thurdsay's game here are some observations, both heard from "experts" and felt by me as I watched.

Tim O'keefe(after the game): You can talk all you want about bad puck luck, but the real problem was that the Sioux showed a definite lack of mental toughness in key parts of the game.

Doug Woog: The Sioux are not showing any offensive unison. Too many times only one guy is pushing the puck up ice without any support from the other forwards. Their forward lines are not flowing as a unit. ( I noticed this several times in the last half of the season. I don't know how many times over the last month or so that a Sioux forward would put a pass into the slot and their wouldn't be a Sioux player near the pass.)

Tim O'Keefe, Craig Perry and Doug Woog: Defense out of position too many times. Poor position and movement and ill advised passing angles resulted in turnovers and allowed Ferris players to skate in alone on the Sioux net.

David Hale had a terrific game. He hustled, hit hard and had some great feeds out of our D zone to a forward moving up.

Why can't Sioux players stay on their feet, my G_d they fall down a lot.

Dean Blais: Jake Brandt played a good game but he got outgoalied by Brown. ( That's been our achilles heel. Everything starts in the nets and moves out from there. The Sioux got "outgoalied" by just about every team we played in the last half of the season.)

Tim Hennesey, Tim O'keefe and Craig Perry: Other teams have discovered how to defend the Sioux's speed game after watching tapes of the Denver series and the UMD series and playoff game. Fore check them hard, force mental errors, clog up the neutral zone and back check hard. Ferris State did just what Denver and UMD did.

Youth: Yes we are a young team, but so is Duluth, Minnesota and bunch of the other teams in the WCHA. They will be better too next season.

Of all the comments about the game, Tim O'keefe"s "mental toughness" comment was the most important.


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