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Sitting Bull


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A great story regarding Sitting Bull...

Sitting Bull Stood Bravely While The West Was Won

Sitting Bull anticipated such a decision. He'd already persuaded several thousand Lakotas -- representing at least four major tribes -- to unite. That had never happened.

A quarter of the Indians gathered were well-trained warriors. Even though he was in his mid-40s -- elderly for a Plains warrior -- they submitted to Sitting Bull's command.

Sitting Bull had chosen those with good strategic skills to lead each flank of his warriors. He also made sure he had swift riders with him and his deputies. That let him stay on the hills overlooking Montana's Little Bighorn so he could direct the battle and send messages.

The Army's troops were much better armed. Yet knowing that attitude is half the battle in any challenge, Sitting Bull told his people he was confident they'd win. His assurance boosted morale.

"His vision went unquestioned," said His Horse Is Thunder. "His warriors never doubted they'd pull off one of the biggest military victories of the 19th century."

I had two Indian Studies classes in the early '80's and thoroughly enjoyed them.

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