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A Public Thank You From New Jersey


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I just wanted to give a public THANK YOU to a huge Sioux fan who sends me tapes of every Fighting Sioux game. She started doing this without me asking and never asks anything in return. Between her, siouxsports.com and the Grand Forks Herald, I almost feel like I live in North Dakota. She not only is a great representative of Fighting Sioux fans, she also works at the university. If she does some of the things she has done for me, I can only imagine what a terrific example she is for UND in her daily work with students,teachers, and staff at the college. She was the first person I ever knew from your state and I would think all of you who know her are the better for it.


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YaneA is the best!!!

You didn't say her name but I know that's who it is because she is a great fan and friend!!

That she is.

I remember my last year as a student at UND when I had so much fun holding signs and being on the jumbotron all the time. She would always help organize signs, hats, accessories, and all this stuff to make it a fun experience!

I can honestly say that season (2002-2003) was the finest season I've experienced as a Sioux fan at the REA.

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