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Congrats to Rutgers!


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Thanks SiouxMeNow,

The atmosphere for Rutgers football is incredible around here now. Almost every game this year is on ESPN,MSG, or CSTV. We have just had our fifth and sixth biggest crowds ever and will possibly have a sell-out this Saturday even though it is our third home game in three weeks. Merchandise sales are soaring compared to past years and the media coverage is a lot better despite all the pro teams we have in the New Jersey-Philadelphia-New York City area. Kids everywhere are now wearing Scarlet Knights shirts and caps which is something we never saw in the past because of years of struggle. I think we have a chance to go 8-4 and,unless the bottom falls out, we will go to a bowl for a second straight year. Earlier this decade, we had 0-11 and 1-10 seasons and there was talk of us going down to Division 1-AA. Now the rumor mill has Miami trying to get Coach Schiano to go back to the Hurricanes if they make a change down there. I don't know if this would happen because Schiano didn't just come to a program with an empty cupboard--there wasn't even a cupboard. Everything from academics to wins to overall image has improved greatly. This is his baby and hopefully he will stay to see how far we can go. What a great 12 months for our program!



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