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UND Alums Currently in NHL


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I know this may be a lot to ask… and I know the Herald put out an article, but I don’t subscribe to it. 

can anyone help me out with a list of all the current UND Alums on NHL rosters? 

I think it should be around 35 or so? 
or at least point me in the right direction? I know most of them, but am having a hard time getting a full list. 
I was in Arizona last week for work and someone I was there with was a “huge” capitals fan and i told her about UND and TJ Oshie and was explaining to her the magnitude of UNDs program and how many players the NHL has to thank UND for and she couldn’t even believe it. And she was a HUGE hockey fan. So I want this list so I can show the non believers hahah. 

Thank you! 

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