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D2 Football Tournament-UND needs entry


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This is for XBOXlive-Madden'05 and UND Fighting Sioux needs to be represented to compete.

This is how you enter.

The league will be available to enter at 6:30 eastern/ 5:30 central.

At that time, you can enter the league called


password is harlonhill

the tournament will begin at 9 eastern/8 central

players will be representing many d2 football teams and will be competing for the d2football championship.

We expect some d2 players, and coaches to compete.

But you have to get there early at 6:30 eastern 5:30 central to sign up quick.

We are not allowed to offer a entry for NDSU but you can. As a rival to the bisons you can actually invite the NDSU for a chance to compete against d2 teams. Just call some bison fans up, or let them know through bisonvilel message board, or call the NDSU sports dept and let them know of the tournament. I know the NDSU student section will want in, but you have to let them know that this is a tournament you have to enter quickly at 5:30 central time.

See you there

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