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I will not re write the 1000 plus words I have put up to explain what I am asking for except to say this. I have seen many people on this site asking for alternatives to the Herald and other paywalled news sites. I have provided that for free since April of 2016 co-founding Seamore Sports with my wife (she inspired this). I want to, if i get funding for it, take Seamore Sports full time and cover UND and any team whose fans feel that they do not get the coverage they deserve. If you want to support free to read independent journalism with a different take than the Herald or a different perspective on any UND sport I can attend or watch, along with features on players of all sports than the donate link is at the bottom of the page. It is paypal for now but over time we will be adding more perks and features for our supporters. For now, if you want a listing I will list you and if you run a business your business as a supporter of independent free to read journalism right here in this wonderful town. We will be adding YouTube, podcasting, and more as funds allow us to do. Click the link, read our story and donate/share if you feel so inclined. If you want specific coverage on a team/issue around college sports that is not getting covered and you donate, send me a direct message on Twitter at Seamore Sports. Sioux Sports has driven our traffic and I hope it can help kick start us in the next step to provide a service so many have asked for on other threads. Here is the link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oliver-francies-758a6987/

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