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A way to take Seamore Sports Full Time


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Hi everyone, this is a post with the goal of finding out thoughts of this idea. Given comments on other threads in this and other forums about the need for "free content" and the appreciation for some of my work through Seamore Sports (my wife is a part of this to, she inspired this whole thing and co-runs it and take the pictures.. go like Violet Turtle Photography for some of her wonderful work). I had an idea, I have pitched it to schools needing more coverage but want to offer it to you, the people whom without I would not have over 30k views since starting this without spending a dime on ads, all while working a full time job/being a student/ raising an 11 month old with my wife. 

The idea: work with individuals/businesses in the area to provide sponsored posts on teams or sponsorship of XXXX posts per year, in order to provide content to everyone in the region and beyond. I will spend a certain amount (10-15 percent at scale) of monies on further promoting posts and creating new content. I am the only writer in the local media to write more than one soccer recap this year, and if I could cover UND full time to all of those who want to see it and grow Seamore Sports with my wife, I can provide new and unique angles to content.. features, more in game observations, interviews, road game blogs, I am open to all of those things and if perhaps the people of Sioux Sports wanted to be involved or knew folks who to contact that would be awesome. The end goal, have multiple sponsors to create posts about ALL UND Sports (I would write about as much as I could and sponsors would get mentions in posts they pay for, and I could partner with them to do giveaways and other things as the channel grows ( I would write about other schools who need more coverage with this model as well and some non sponsored content but that which sponsors pay for comes first)) The best part for all of you in this NO Paywall in any way and nothing but content for you to watch/listen to/read (the first two would come as sponsors come and the writing would go on! 



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