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Tickets available vs EWU


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1 hour ago, BarnWinterSportsEngelstad said:

Capacity          2017     Attendance

45,807 Rice-Eccles Utah     45,905

12,283 Alerus Missouri St  12,047

10,000 DakotaDome SD       9,645

12,283 Alerus  Mont St       12,342

10,743 Aggie St  UC Davi     9,508

12,283 Alerus N Colorado 10, 234

25,217 Wash-Grizz   Mont  25,085

12,283  Alerus Sac Sate     9,259

21,144 Prov Park Portland 3,002

 8,500  Eccles Col  S Utah  7,641

12,283 Alerus    E Wah       ?,???


On 11/5/2017 at 6:12 AM, Oxbow6 said:

I have 2 tickets available for Saturday's game vs EWU. Tickets behind UND bench. Free to the first one to claim them as I don't want the seats to go unused. Just PM me.

Posted this on Sunday. 81 viewed the post and not ONE inquiry........for 2 free tickets!!! For all you who have and do bash the "hockey only" crowd at UND please...please keep your pie holes shut moving forward. Is this team and season a complete dumpster fire....yes but i would have  thought some "FB fans" could have used 2 tickets......again that were free!!! 11389 was the announced attendance at the Ralph last night. If someone posted free hockey tickets on this site for either night this weekend anyone think they would have gone unclaimed??? We'll hit VB, FB then hockey today. Looking forward to a fun day watching UND athletics. 


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